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Gem/DB/$ builds for T13

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So I've been trying to set up Death's Breath builds. Been spending them like a drunken sailor on the enchantress, and upgrading rares. I have money build plans with all my 7 classes, usually with LoN to leave tonnes of room for the gem helmet, goldskin and the like. But wanted to incorporate DB's. Broken crown's are a must for the extra gems. So that leaves only the gloves and boots for sage's, and of course the need for a RoRG. Gloves and boots are a part of most sets, as well as the helm spot. Leaving not a lot of great options for combining with sets necessary for T13. 

So my initial idea's were for the 2 and 4 piece bonuses that were alright, so the melee impale DH and 7 sided Monk. These were certainly alright, but not as over powered, or over safe for T 13 as I'm used too. A problem fixed I imagine with another 1K paragon maybe.  So far I only see one other decent option, Tal Rasha's wizard can fit 5 pieces and 2 sages. Leaving next to no room for extra $ gear. In a perfect world including the cube options, the build would include a $ necklace, goldskin chest piece, and gladiator gloves in the cube. 

Any other idea's out there? Is there a DB idea already out there I failed to find that is T13 worthy? Or am I asking a bit too much to expect a $, DB and extra gem build that crushes T 13 easily and mindlessly. 

Me and a buddy went on a massive 30 puzzle ring run with my 7 sided monk effort, but he had to carry me really, which isn't an issue when only focusing on $ and gems for any class, but I mean I almost died several times too. 

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May have answered my own question with this Haunt WD, looks tougher, has better damage, more room for money gear and on paper looks T13 worthy to me. Can switch the nemesis bracers for the gold gladiator gloves when doing puzzle rings and not having pylons, or needing gold more than DB's. Can switch the goldwrap belt for the extra haunt spirit if offence is in higher need than defence, though it looks like that's not the case. 

As per usual I find my own answers only after asking the question lol. Not sure how I didn't think of the Jade 2 pc bonus when I wanted more DB's initially weeks ago. I even have most of if not all pieces for this to do right away. 

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