Weekly Changelog 07 Jan. 2014

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Here is our website changelog for the past 3 weeks. We had reduced activity during the winter holidays, so we did not publish much and figured it would be best to make one changelog the first Tuesday of January. With the open beta for Hearthstone drawing ever closer, we have mostly been working on our Hearthstone decks.



We have created and released decks for all classes. Each class has at least 4 decks: a basic deck, a low-budget deck (usually costing 1,000 Arcane Dust), a mid-budget deck (usually costing 4,000 Arcane Dust), and a legend deck (with no Arcane Dust restriction). The idea is to have decks for almost everyone, according to how much they can afford to spend. We also made crafting guides to help people decide on what to craft next.

Brawler's Guild

We have released guides and videos for all special challengers of the Brawler's Guild: Epicus Maximus, Disruptron, Millhouse Manastorm, and Zen'shar. We will keep adding guides every week until we have a complete coverage, as we imagine that the Brawler's Guild is going to become popular again, once the more casual guilds have cleared Siege of Orgrimmar.

Christmas Contest

The Christmas Contest is now over (see results). We are in the process of coordinating with our many partners to get the winners their prizes.

Things to Come

Our next objective is to start covering the Arena play mode of Hearthstone. We have many guides in the works to help people reach 12 wins. Hopefully, we will have something to show next week.

We would also like to release a few more Brawler's Guild guides and at least one more Heroic-mode update for Siege of Orgrimmar, by the next changelog.

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