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Higher Chance for Epics? My 40 packs

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I opened my first 40 packs.

1 Legendary (little as always, especially since you are guaranteed one after the first 10 packs...)

13 epics - which is great, much more then my average.

46 rare

I watched one pack opening and he got tons of epics too.

What did you guys get? More epics then usual too?

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I got 24 in 105. So, not really.

But I got 11 legendaries, which higher than average (actually, its twice the amount of whats supposed to be in those decks looking at the averages)

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Well all I have is the Shadows starter pack and the freebie packs given for doing the quests etc.

that's 15 packs I think

Out of that I've got..

1 Legendary (Chef Nomi )      5 Epic,    15 rare   - I guess that's about the expected drop rate.

I obviously have 2 Legendaries in total as I got the freebie Archmage Vargoth

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I opened 50 packs of Rise of Shadows so far, and got 54 Rare, 9 Epic and 3 Legendary. That's 21.6% chance of one card being Rare, 3.6% of being an Epic and 1.2% of being a Legendary. Not far away from the theoretical 23% / 4% / 1%, and definitely not different enough to start suspecting any change in probabilities. Anyway, if such a change was to happen, Blizzard would have to advertise it immediately in at least some countries (China), so we would know quickly.

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