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Did you read my FAQ?  Ask yourself the following:


1) Is Agony's uptime over 99%?  If not, make sure that 10 stack never falls off.


2) Is Unstable Affliction's uptime over 99%?  This is difficult, but strive for it.  UA is now the most powerful DoT and takes precedence over everything.


3) Is Corruption's uptime over 99%?  If not, make sure it gets better.


4) Are you using Haunt?  Haunt uptime should ALWAYS be over 50%, usually in the 60-70% range with some overachieving RNG giving 90% uptime.  Haunt MUST BE USED.


5) Are you using Soulburn:Soul Swap too often?  You should only be using this in your opening sequence and during brief, important windows of opportunity such as a 10 stack of Black Blood to snapshot awesome DoTs.


6) Is the damage from Agony and UA very close?  Sometimes Agony wins, sometimes UA wins, but they should NEVER be far apart.  If they are, look at questions 1 and 2.


7) Are you using Malefic Grasp when DoTs don't need reapplied and Haunt is on the target?  This is your filler spell, but only on targets above 20%.


8) Are you using Drain Soul when a mob goes below 20%?  This is a high damage option that gives you tons Soul Shards.


9) Are you keeping Haunt up 100% during execute?  If not, do it.


10) Do you have Affdots installed?  If not, get it.  Use appropriately to employ the Empowered DoTs method in getting the most out of your DoTs.


11) Is your DoT damage high because of appropriate snapshotting?  Your UA ticks should be breaking into the 100,000 range on crits around 555 item level.  If you're a little below, you should be a little below.  If you're higher, you should be higher.


12) Are you using Soul Swap correctly?  Are you using Soulburn:Soul Swap too often?  Soul Swap should be used to spread DoTs to new targets, not Soulburn:Soul Swap.

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