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Items from Crucible of Storms - Hands

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Hi All fellow DK. 

I play Blood on my DK, and I got this Item. (look at the pic) :). 

Abyssal Speaker's Gauntlets ilvl 415. 

To day I play with Crusade Pummelers ilvl 415. 

If i take the Abyssal on, Pawn say I lose 7 % - but i know, that Pawn can't not take hight for the sek. abilities.


Is the Abilites on the Abyssal better choise?


Regrads Mindofdead.  




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Hello there,


As you have already guessed, Pawn does not take the secondary effect into account, it just compares the raw stats. Additionally, Pawn also only compares in terms of damage, the survivability aspect is not considered.


If you want to find out which piece increases your DPS the most, I would recommend using Raidsbots.com for this, as it gives you far more detailed information and has a lot of scenarios for you to test.


From a feelycrafting standpoint, I would go with the Crusade Pummelers. The secondary effect of the other gloves will realistically have very low uptime since you are a tank and are constantly taking damage. I hope this helps!

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