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MM hunter Lone Wolf vs w/Pet sim?

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I am trying to find sims for MM hunter for Lone Wolf vs Pet and I cannot find a single thing. Been searching for hours now. Anyone have some insight into this? Would be much appreciated!

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Taken from the Icy Veins MM guide:

"Generally speaking, the best DPS option is to not have a pet active. You can simulate having a pet versus using Lone Wolf for yourself by performing an Advanced Raidbots sim and using the following bit of extra code underneath your profile:

  • # Your import goes above this line
  • copy="pet"
  • actions.precombat+="/summon_pet

On multiple targets, having no pet becomes even more valuable, since your pet does not do any AoE damage.

In some cases you may prefer a specific pet to counter a specific situation, and this should take precedent over the small DPS boost from not using one."

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