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Challenge Rift 103 Guides

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In Challenge Rift 103, we've got Sunwuko Monk in EU and a Spirit Generator Monk in NA.

Challenge Rift 103 EU Guide


Kanai's Cube Powers



In EU, we have a Sunwuko Monk and Mnemonic_1 will take you through the run in the latest video.

Challenge Rift 103 US Guide


Kanai's Cube Powers



To guide you through the Spirit Generator Monk we have Raxx. What you need to do is Dashing StrikeDash often and use Crippling WaveCrippling Wave on enemies. When elites explode pop SerenitySerenity for immunity and you're good to go. 

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    • By Stan
      It's time for Challenge Rift #102! In Europe, we've got a Firebird's Wizard, and in the US, players need to complete the clear with a LoN Archon Wizard build.
      Challenge Rift 102 EU Guide
      Firebird's Finery 6/7 Ouroboros Ashnagarr's Blood Bracer Bul-Kathos's Wedding Band Justice Lantern + Mutilation Guard (Rank 31) Wand of Woh + Orb of Infinite Depth Kanai's Cube Powers
      Azurewrath Leoric's Crown Obsidian Ring of the Zodiac Skills
      Arcane TorrentFlame Ward BlizzardApocalypse Magic WeaponIgnite Energy ArmorPrismatic Armor Explosive BlastShort Fuse Wave of ForceHeat Wave Passives
      Blur Astral Presence Conflagration Elemental Exposure In EU, we've got a Firebird's Wizard and Mnemonic_1's guide will help you clear the Challenge Rift.
      Challenge Rift 102 US Guide
      Crown of the Primus Spaulders of Zakara Ouroboros Aquila Cuirass Gladiator Gauntlets Krelm's Buff Bracers Hergbrash's Binding Halo of Karini + Bane of the Stricken (Rank 8 ) Obsidian Ring of the Zodiac + Gogok of Swiftness (Rank 25) Vyr's Fantastic Finery Fire Walkers Genzaniku + Primordial Soul Kanai's Cube Powers
      The Furnace The Swami Manald Heal Skills
      Arcane TorrentStatic Discharge Black HoleAbsolute Zero ArchonSlow Time TeleportWormhole Energy ArmorForce Armor Magic WeaponDeflection Passives
      Paralysis Evocation Audacity Unstable Anomaly Here's the weekly clear by Zanthyst Gaming, running a LoN Archon Wizard build on the NA side.
    • By Stan
      The latest Challenge Rift #101 revolves around Barbarians. We have Immortal King's Barbarian in Europe and a Glass Cannon Barbarian in North America. Check out the video guides and claim your reward!
      Challenge Rift 101 EU Guide
      Immortal King's Call (6/7) The Traveler's Pledge Mantle of Channeling Stone of Jordan + Taeguk (Rank 38) Avarice Band + Pain Enhancer (Rank 25) Bul-Kathos's Warrior Blood + Bul-Kathos's Solemn Vow Kanai's Cube Powers
      The Furnace Aquila Cuirass Obsidian Ring of the Zodiac Skills
      Ignore PainIron Hide WhirlwindDust Devils Wrath of the BerserkerThrive on Chaos Call of the AncientsTogether as One Sprint Battle RageMarauder's Rage Passives
      Berserker Rage Weapons Master Brawler Animosity Mnemonic is here with a guide covering the latest EU Challenge Rift.
      Challenge Rift 101 US Guide
      Deathseer's Cowl Fury of the Ancients Mara's Kaleidoscope + Boyarsky's Chip (Rank 3) Magefist Tyrael's Might Vambraces of Sescheron Girdle of Giants Wyrdward + Bane of the Stricken (Rank 25) Rogar's Huge Stone + Simplicity's Strength (Rank 6) Weight of the Earth Blackthorne's Spurs Doombringer + Utar's Roar Kanai's Cube Powers
      Bastion's Revered The Undisputed Champion N/A Skills
      FrenzyManiac Ignore PainIron Hide Furious ChargeMerciless Assault Threatening ShoutFalter War CryVeteran's Warning Wrath of the BerserkerInsanity Passives
      Ruthless Berserker Rage Boon of Bul-Kathos Tough as Nails Raxx is back with his #2 NA clear of the weekly Challenge Rift.
    • By Stan
      With the Season of Nightmares in full swing, Blizzard posted a guide on Ancient and Primal items, where they highlight the difference between them and talk about the ongoing Seasonal bonus, which increases your damage dealt and reduces damage taken by a percentage for each Ancient you equip.
      Blizzard (Source)
      Ancient items truly shine in Season 17: so long as you have no Set bonuses equipped, each Ancient you equip will provide you with a massive 750% boost to damage dealt and 4% reduction in damage taken. For those of you who may have taken a break from gathering loot recently, we thought a quick refresher was in order to clear up any confusion about the differences between Legendary, Ancient, and Primal Ancient items.

      In general, Ancient and Primal Ancient items are more powerful versions of Legendary items. They are identical to Legendary items except that their base attributes (damage or armor) and all non-percentile affixes roll higher values for both minimum and maximum possible rolls.
      Ancient & Primal Ancient Items
      The stats on these items will (generally) be tailored to the character class you are playing when the item drops Set items are also able to roll as both Ancient and Primal Ancient You can’t equip more than one item with the same name, even if one is Ancient and the other isn’t Any percentage-based affix will not be boosted (such as Attack Speed, bonus % to skills or % Critical Hit Chance/Damage) Ancient Items
      Only drop for characters who have reached level 70, and only on Torment level difficulties When dropped, Ancient items share the same orange glow as regular Legendaries You must identify the item to see if it’s an Ancient Once identified, Ancient items have an orange border (or green for Set items) around the item tooltip and say "Ancient" in the item description. They drop from all sources including monsters, chests, Kadala, Horadric Caches, Kanai's Cube, and even crafting at the Blacksmith or Jeweler Primal Ancient Items
      When dropped, Primal Ancient items have a red beam and glow Drops from any source of Legendary item in the game, including Horadric Caches, Kadala, and Kanai's Cube, but only after having successfully completed at least a level 70 Greater Rift solo These items are much rarer than Ancient items and have perfect Ancient-level stats on all affixes, including the item’s Legendary Power Primal Ancients & Developer Philosophy
      Primal Ancients are for players who have largely completed gearing for their build or finished their Season Journey but want to continue playing. They’re also for non-Seasonal players who have great gear and spend most of their time gaining Paragon Levels and upgrading Legendary Gems. We wanted to extend the excitement of seeing gear drop or spending Blood Shards at Kadala beyond obtaining Ancients in every slot. Primals provide an avenue for dedicated players to complete a build, without feeling like required upgrades.
      We hope that answers any questions you may have about Ancients and Primal Ancients. Now go get ‘em!
    • By Stan
      Players have been reporting their inability to trade with others in Diablo. Blizzard confirmed there were some issues with game licenses and manual purchase approvals which caused this problem to occur. A hotfix has been already deployed, which should prevent the bug from happening again.
      Blizzard (Source)
      I am unable to trade with players in my party/game session, they cant trade with me, sais the I am busy whilst I am not, also when they drop it I cant pick it up - appears faded - I do not have a fresh account been playing d3 since season 3 in seasonal, never had this problem before.
      Hey all,

      An investigation was launched on this immediately and there were some issues with game licenses and manual purchase approvals that caused this limitation to occur. We've deployed a hotfix already, which should prevent this situation from occurring again.

      If you are still experiencing this issue, please hang tight; it does require some manual review on our end to clear up and appropriately re-flag any remaining affected accounts. This process is already underway, so we ask for your patience as we complete this step.

      Thanks for your understanding and apologies for any confusion this may have caused.
    • By Stan
      It's the 100th Challenge Rift for Diablo III this week and both regions deal with Necromancers!
      Challenge Rift 100 EU Guide
      Broken Crown Dovu Energy Trap + Molten Wildebeest's Gizzard (Rank 38) Heart of Iron Corpsewhisper Pauldrons Moribund Gauntlets Dayntee's Binding Blackthorne's Jousting Mail Steuart's Greaves Akkhan's Manacles Oculus Ring + Enforcer (Rank 16) Justice Lantern + Boyarsky's Chip (Rank 38) Eun-jang-do + Leger's Disdain Kanai's Cube Powers
      Reilena's Shadowhook Aquila Cuirass Xephirian Amulet Skills
      Corpse LanceBlood Lance Command GolemFlesh Golem Land of the DeadShallow Graves Command SkeletonsDark Mending Blood RushMetabolism FrailtyAura of Frailty Passives
      Final Service Overwhelming Essence Eternal Torment Aberrant Animator As usual, here's a video guide by Mnemonic.
      Challenge Rift 100 US Guide
      Deathseer's Cowl Homing Pads Squirt's Necklace + Pain Enhancer (Rank 31) Aquila Cuirass Gladiator Gauntlets Lacuni Prowlers Sebor's Nightmare Litany of the Undaunted + Boyarsky's Chip (Rank 32) The Wailing Host + Simplicity's Strength (Rank 34) Pox Faulds Irontoe Mudsputters Griswold's Perfection + Iron Rose Kanai's Cube Powers
      Hack Heart of Iron Nagelring Skills
      Siphon BloodPower Shift Skeletal MageSingularity Bone ArmorDislocation Blood RushPotency Command SkeletonsFrenzy Command GolemIce Golem Passives
      Extended Servitude Swift Harvesting Grisly Tribute Aberrant Animator Raxx is here with a #1 NA clear of the weekly Challenge Rift.
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