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Patch 8.2 Essence Hotfixes: June 22nd

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Essence tuning continues on Patch 8.2 PTR with the latest round of hotfixes. Rise of Azshara is going live next week and you can find all the necessary information in our Patch 8.2 hub.

Blizzard LogoBlizzard

Healer Essences

Artifice of Time

Ever-Rising Tide

Life-Binder’s Invocation

Vitality Conduit

  • All: Transfer amount increased 15%
  • Minor (Transference Transference) - Proc rate increased 25%
  • Minor Rank 3 (Transference Transference) - Absorb value increased 38%

Memory of Lucid Dreams

  • Minor (Lucid Dreams Lucid Dreams) - Proc rate for mana users reduced 20%

Multiple Role Essences

Crucible of Flame

  • Minor effect rank 1(Ancient Flame Ancient Flame) damage and healing values increased by 35%.
  • Minor effect rank 1 (Ancient Flame Ancient Flame) proc chance increased for all healer roles.

Vision of Perfection

Tank Essences

Sphere of Suppression

Aegis of the Deep

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    • By BluePosts
      Soulshape, the Night Fae Covenant Signature Ability, currently behaves inconsistently and the design intention for it is to work similarly to a Shaman's Ghost Wolf, or a Druid's Travel Form when it comes to canceling the form.
      We’ve seen some questions recently about inconsistencies with abilities that cancel Soulshape and abilities that are usable during Soulshape without cancelling it. This is a work in progress.
      The design intention here is that Soulshape should behave similarly to a Shaman’s Ghost Wolf, or a Druid’s Travel Form – all activated abilities should cancel Soulshape, with a few exceptions. When work is complete, Shaman or Druid abilities that do not already cancel Ghost Wolf / Travel Form should not cancel Soulshape. Another example to follow is Glide for Demon Hunters.
      As of this latest build of the Shadowlands Beta, Death Knight, Demon Hunter, and Druid abilities are set up appropriately, with the exception of some PvP talents. We’ll make this behavior consistent across the remaining classes in future builds.
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      Blizzard made some changes to the item level of Soulbind Conduits in the most recent Shadowlands Beta build, and it seems they won't be hard-capped at Rank 5, as we first thought.
      The item level of Soulbind Conduits increases by 13 with each rank.
      Conduit Rank Beta Build 35978 (Old) Beta Build 36086 (New) 1 155 145 2 165 158 3 180 171 4 195 184 5 210 200 6 300 213 7 300 226 8 300 239 9 300 252 10 300 265 11 300 278 12 300 291 13 300 304 14 300 317 15 300 330 It seems the item level of Conduits will be tied to raid difficulties and Mythic Keystone levels. You will also be able to add Conduits to your collection and upgrade existing ones by purchasing  Manifest Aethershunt, a consumable item from Ve'nari in the Maw.

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      Here is the proof of how incredibly buggy PvP scaling in WoW can be. We have a Level 20 twink with a 10,000% damage boost annihilating 120s.
      In his latest video, Rextroy takes PvP scaling to a whole new level. A low-level 20 Frost Mage has an 8,000% damage boost against max-level chars, which causes their Flurry and Frostbolt to deal 4,900 damage on Level 120 enemies.
      The 8,000% boost can be amplified by another 1,000% with the help of Stand As One or Collective Wil. 
      Finally, the Mr. Munchykins trinket grants the mage 990 Haste, which is about 300% at Level 20, resulting in Flurry casts on every global.
      The method leads to around 200K damage to players at Level 120.
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      Blizzard added a new item that references Thanos from Avengers: Infinity War and his famous snap in Shadowlands Beta Build 36086.
      The spell associated with the new item (Malfunctioning Goliath Gauntlet) is called Snap. It instantly destroys half the critters within 40 yards, which is a throwback to Thanos wiping out half of all life in Avengers: Infinity War.
      The item also comes with the following flavor text: "Only about 50% effective."

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      Two new Tailoring recipes have been added to the game in the latest Shadowlands Beta build.
      Shrouded Cloth Bag (30-Slot Bag)
      Spell: Shrouded Cloth Bag
      Requirements: 20x Shrouded Cloth, 15x Penumbra Thread
      Lightless Silk Pouch (32-Slot Bag)
      Spell: Lightless Silk Pouch
      Requirements: 15x Lightless Silk, 25x Penumbra Thread
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