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Million $ Questions from a dumb player

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How do you understand all these numbers in world of log ? All those stats  and reforge on a toon ? I know it is all maths and I am terrible at it . Any bit of help  would be greatly accepted , also the macro is still outer space teck for me

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This thread might prove useful regarding the WoL stuff. That is where I learned the basic stuff. 




As for Stat Weights and Reforging I suggest Mendenbarr's blog guide here.



The SimCraft tool will give you the exact value of each stat for your current gear (meaning if your gearlevels go up a lot, you should simulate it again for new weights)



When you get the weights from SimCraft there's a small guide on how to set custom weights into AMR here. (First post. The info you need ends after the 2nd picture.Thats where it goes MW specific)



Its for mistweaver monks stat wise yes, but the same logic applies to changing the weights. Just instead of setting weights for Int or Spirit, you set them for Str and crit/mastery for example. Just be sure you still keep the value of Hit and Exp to cap over all other secondary stat values.



What kind of macros are you looking for exactly? That info would help me help you. smile.png

Since the post is all about links so far, lets continue with this!


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