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I have noticed quite many errors while browsing Icy-veins' pages.

First thing which I bumbed into was found in dk's frost, unholy and blood specs. In frost spec there are some pvp talents which he doesn't have in-game and also some which aren't in the game anymore (looking at ya Tundra Stalker). As for bloods spec he has almost no pvp specs mentioned... also I find it funny when it gets checked and the pages required "no corrections" just check it thoroughly....

Second thing is in correlation to Arcane Mage's page for stats explanation. Can you tell me why and I quote it: "Intellect is almost always the worst stat."? You have no explanation thee why is that so... but the paragraph below it is very reassuring.... using common sense, in-game testing,... And in the next part of it ya have that ya should always look for upgrades for your intellect first. What the heck is that? That's bloody nonsense when you say the intellect is the worst option to go for and in next paragraph to say you should always go for it.

That being said, I wish ya all happy days as I have mine corrupted.


Duskspear the Archmage

P.S.: no, may day will be fine, just fitting into my char or pretty perfectionistic mage.


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Thanks for your feedback! I'll get Dutch to reply to you. As for the DK part, I'll talk to Abyssal and get him to fix it ?

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Hi Duskspear!

I apologise for the confusing phrasing on the stats.

Intellect is the worst stat, point for point. So one haste will give you more DPS than one intellect. The reason for this is simply put "math". It has been simulated and in every situation adding x intellect gives less DPS than adding x of a secondary stat. 

However, items come with much more intellect than secondary stats, which means that even though point for point intellect is weaker, it still makes up a large portion of the power of an item, which is why it is still a good guideline to pick items simply by item level. (although simulating your own character is always better). 

When I get home tonight, I will update the stats to explain this situation more clearly, thanks for the feedback!


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