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Help with fury dps

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so i have two questions about my dps:


1. What can i do to improve my dps ? I feel like i should be doing alot more dps even though i have worse gear than others in my raid team. I am just falling way too behind.


2. I optimize my gear according to MrRobot. Do you think this site is actually useful ?  i use it because sometimes i am not not sure how to gem and reforge so i get the most dps.



Log (kind of ashamed to even post this tongue.png )



Thanks beforehand,



Edit: I died at the end of the fight so that is the problem too

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Looking at your armory first, your gems/reforges/etc look fine. Askmrrobot is more than fine to optimize your gear. If you want to really get in depth with it you can personalize the stats weights so that they're personalized for you, but honestly this isn't what's going to improve your DPS.


Your are however, not using Stormbolt, and that is a DPS loss, considering you're using 2H weapons.


Also, both your trinkets are bad. Skeer's is OK at best, and FFC is plain horrible on anything other than Galakras P1, where the damage doesn't even really matter that much.




Looking at the logs, I removed the part f the fight where you died to make sure I get an image as accurate as possible. You stayed alive for 5 minutes and 16 seconds, so in my analysis I will assume that you had that long to do damage.


First thing I see is that you used CS on the add twice. Do not do that. The add died way to quick both time and half of the CS was wasted. Moreover, on this fight, the add should die to passive cleave.


Speaking of CS, you used it only 13 times where you could have fitted 15 uses of it. Make sure you cast CS on CD under almost any circumstances. 


Your Enrage uptime is also much lower than what your crit chance suggests it should be at. Make sure you use Berserker Rage to assure you are enraged during each CS window. You only used BR 2 times on a 5 minutes fight, you could've had much better Enrage uptime.


You also used only 48 Bloodthirts out of a possibility of 70. Make sure to use BT on cooldown to increase your enrage uptime and to proc more RB charges. 


On the subject of RB, save your RB charges for Colossus Smash. The only times you should ever cast RB outside of CS is if you have 2 charges accumulated or if the remaining charge will drop before you have time to cast BT again.


Finally, you died at the end, but I see no uses of Die by the Sword or Shield Wall in your logs. I know it can be hard to see on this fight if a pool is going to explode, but you have 2 defensive cooldowns, make use of them when you can.


I hope this helps, and if you have any more questions or if anything isn't clear, feel free to ask,



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Not even last tier's? They might not be better than skeer's, but even a decent ToT trinket will be better than FFC.

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