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Basic mouseover macro guide with modifiers

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Basically I want to show a couple things you ca do with macros for mouse over.  I use the pure and simple basic way, where if I mess up then its my fualt, the macro only does one thing (mainly who to target)


What these macros will do is ONLY CAST THE SPELL on the MOUSEOVER TARGET.  If you have NO mouseover target, then it will not work.  I know there are ways to set it if you don't have a mouseover do it on your target, if you don't have a target use it on yourself, but thats not the point of this guide.  If you want that, use Google.  


This guide is just the pure and basic way of doing mouseover which has worked for me for a long time.


The basic structure of this macro is the use of the [@mouseover] function.  Basically, you add this before any spell, and it will use that spell if you have a mouseover target, and on that mouseover target.  If its not a targetable spell, then it will simply cast it if you have a mouseover.

/use [mod:ctrl, @mouseover] Iron Bark; [@mouseover] Swiftmend

This is a macro I personally use.  The main button will use swiftmend on my mouseover target, while if I hold ctrl, it will cast Iron Bark on my mouse over target.


There. Done.  Showed you 2 levels of macros in one.   thats some next level strats right there (don't let everyone know)



Another one I use:

/use [mod:ctrl] Genesis; [@mouseover] Rejuvenation


This one uses rejuv on my mouse over, but if i hold control it uses genesis


You can elaborate on that by using Shift or alt, or even adding extra modifiers.  Just make sure that the NO MOD spell is LAST.


Ask questions if you're confused, but I hope this helps someone or at least gets someone to try mouse overs if they never knew how they worked.

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