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WoW Classic EU Queue Times: September 5th

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Average queue times in Europe decreased from 115 minutes to 106 over the last 24 hours. We expect them to go down even more in the coming days thanks to the ongoing Free Character Transfers in the region. 

All Classic realms with population at Full are currently experiencing queue times. In the last 24 hours, Stonespine's population decreased from Full  to High, so the server is no longer having queues.

Here's an overview of queue times for crowded EU realms for today. We compared it with our report from 24 hours ago.

English Realms

Realm Name Type Position in Queue Estimated Time
Ashbringer PvP 2899 2025 39 24 min
Firemaw PvP 8353 7619 237 210 min
Flamelash PvP 1419 218 21 2 min
Gehennas PvP 9231 8832 289 270 min
Golemagg PvP 9120 8345 207 174 min
Mograine PvP 5926 4699 145 100 min
Noggenfogger PvP 2234 1179 31 16 min
Razorgore PvP 4065 2934 76 51 min
Shazzrah PvP 8683 7800 209 168 min
Stonespine PvP 470 5 min

French Realms

Realm Name Type Position in Queue Estimated Time
Sulfuron PvP 5811 5137 115 99 min

German Realms

Realm Name Type Position in Queue Estimated Time
Everlook Normal 2969 2946 33 49 min
Lucifron PvP 6526 6288 146 148 min
Venoxis PvP 3578 3800 62 76 min

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    • By Starym
      It seems some players have been abusing a bug and repeatedly re-clearing dungeon (or perhaps even raid?) encounters. It's unclear from the wording, but this either means that players have been doing more than the 5 resets of a dungeon per hour or maybe even repeatedly clearing raid bosses despite the weekly lockout. In any case, Blizzard will be applying a hotfix under 7 hours from now and will also be looking to punish those that abused this exploit. Many players on the official forums are already calling for permanent bans for the ones doing this.
      Instance Reset Hotfix (source)
      We’ve recently become aware of a bug that could be exploited to allow instanced encounters to be completed repeatedly. We have developed a fix for the issue, and we are in the process of deploying it worldwide.
      Realm restarts are scheduled for 3:00 a.m. PDT (6:00 a.m. EDT) in order to apply this fix.
      As soon as possible, we will identify those who knowingly abused this bug in exploitative manner. We will then take appropriate punitive measures.
      As a reminder, Blizzard’s End User License Agreement defines cheats as “methods not expressly authorized by Blizzard, influencing and/or facilitating the gameplay, including exploits of any in-game bugs, and thereby granting you and/or any other user an advantage over other players not using such methods.”
      As always, thank you for your feedback on this matter.
    • By Starym
      After we took a look at the state of DPS in WoW Classic, or more specifically the pre-raid geared rankings, it's time to go over the tanks and healers as well! As last time, the lists are to determine which class will be the best in a raid environment, with exclusively the best available pre-raid gear and consumables. As always, these tier lists aren't the be all and end all of determining which class is the best for everything, but it's a good indicator of the general power of each.

      Definitely check out the full guides (Tank, Healer) , as they delve into the specifics for each class, as well as fully detail the reasons for the rankings and more.
      Warrior (S-Tier) Druid (B-Tier) Paladin (D-Tier) Healers
      Priest (S-Tier) Shaman (A-Tier) Paladin (A-Tier) Druid (B-Tier) The tanks and healers get a look this time around.
    • By Starym
      This is a very special fan art series that I've been following since the fist post over on the WoW reddit, with artist Vlad "Valdihr" Harabagiu creating some truly amazing animated series/cartoon style pieces of his own Classic journey. Before talking any more about the art and its style, let's just immediately take a look at the first piece in the "A Classic Journey" series, done in Photoshop:

      I thought I would die out here with none to know of it. While I was hunting the scorpids of the Valley, I came across a particularly vicious-looking one. Hurling myself at it, I managed to inflict a massive blow to its claw before it closed around my leg. I wasn't ready for its stinger though, and it sliced down and into my chest, cutting into my flesh and letting my blood. Please, you must kill the scorpid for me! My honor must be upheld! I fought it up on the plateau to the south.
      The first one immediately captures the WoW essence and truly looks like a still taken from a WoW Classic cartoon, making me really angry this isn't a real TV show (or animated movie at least). Each image is named after a quest and is linearly tracking Valdihr's journey through the quests of Classic, starting with the above. Some images also come with a short comment about the stage of the game itself, with the first one getting an intro for the whole series:

      "Slaying the beast"
      The primary task set upon me by our great Warchief is to root out the creatures responsible for infesting our lord's great city with demonic influence. The Burning Blade is one threat, but there are others; the Searing Blade for instance, who make their home in Ragefire Chasm, secretly attempting to subvert innocent members of the Horde. If they are to be stopped, then their leader must be slain--a Felguard named Taragaman the Hungerer. Kill him, and his heart will appease Thrall, of this I'm sure.
      Each piece takes Valdhir around 6 hours to make over 2 days and he's been going very hard at this particular series, focusing on his work (and WoW, obviously) to get these done and follow his trip through Classic.

      Whitemist, Echeyakee in the Tauren tongue, is the king of the savannah cats. He hunts with such stealth, they say he's like a thin, white mist on the earth. And he kills so fast his prey have no time for fear, or pain. The Tauren say he is both mercy and death. You will learn if that's true, for I now set you on the path to hunt Echeyakee. His lair is northeast of the Crossroads, among the bones of giant Kodo. Go. Blow this horn when you reach his lair. Blow the horn, and he will come.
      As you can see he is playing Horde and following that story and quest line, and has actually swapped characters already, playing on Noggenfrogger EU. He started with a hunter and has since switched  to an Undead warrior, at level 26 now.

      "Lost in battle"
      We battled in a small tauren camp when we were separated--she held three of the Bristlebacks off by herself. But the odds began to overwhelm us. I led some away only to see her overwhelmed by newcomers. In my rage, I turned to face my enemies, but they brought me down easily with their vast numbers.
      I awoke to a tauren druid tending my wounds--he had come across me on the Gold Road as I fell.
      Please, find some sign of my wife.
      The iconic barrens "Mankirk's wife" quest, while memed about a lot, is actually pretty emotional and one of the highlights of the zone. The expression in Mankirk's face in the image really brings out the emotion, which is a very impressive feat for a still.
      He was also asked about doing class specific quests:

      "Wailing Caverns"
      The druids in the Wailing Caverns, the Druids of the Fang, are an aberration. They were part of an order of noble druids whose plan was to heal the Barrens, but now seek to remake that land to match their own, twisted dreams. The Druids of the Fang have four leaders, and each possesses a dream gem. Even now their faces haunt me! Defeat the leaders and bring me their gems, and the Barrens may again know peace. Go. You will find them lurking deep within the Wailing Caverns.
      While the above isn't directly tied to a specific quest, the Leaders of the Fang is the main dungeon goal, so a quote from that seemed appropriate. And while not exactly very cinematic, perhaps an image of the entire party looking around and being lost would have been more appropriate, with several "never coming back here again" speech bubbles.

      "Betrayal from Within"
      Three of my tribe came out of the Kraul to lead the raids against the Horde. <snort> They are ruthless and cunning, and if you defeat them, then your Crossroads and even most of the Barrens will learn peace... <snort> at least from the Razormane tribe. <snort> Nak, Kuz, and Lok Orcbane are the ones you seek. They are far to the south of the Barrens. One is a spell caster, another a tracker, and their leader, the one called Orcbane, <snort> a warrior. Kill them, like they have killed me.
      The series is planned to go on to level 60 and end with raids, and for those saddened by the horde focus, don't worry:
      Shockingly, even something as amazing as this wasn't enough to bridge the Modern/Classic feud, as some users were upset the images were posted on the main WoW reddit, instead of the Classic one. But, the bright side is that we'll be seeing a lot more of these, as Vladhir has even started up a Patreon, and is also taking commissions, which bodes well for the future.
      I simply cannot overstate how impressive and incredible these are, and how much they really make me yearn for an actual WoW cartoon series - especially with Castlevania and the upcoming Cuphead and Devil May Cry animated series being a thing. I rarely go into the "Blizzard, hire this man" type of thing, but, uhh, Blizzard? Hire this man.
      Valdihr takes us on an incredible art journey through his own Classic experience.
    • By Stan
      Blizzard will be opening a new PvP server in Latin America for Spanish and Portuguese players and the same goes for Europe. We still have no ETA and expect more details to be unveiled soon.
      Blizzard (Source)
      We’ve seen a large measure of feedback and requests from Latin American players who are currently playing WoW Classic on many different realms, and we want you to know:
      We’re working to create a new WoW Classic realm in this region for Latin American players.
      This will be a PvP realm that characters can transfer to for free from any other PvP realm in the region for a limited time. Of course, you will only want to make that move if you prefer to speak Spanish or Portuguese.
      While we don’t have a date and time for you just yet, we wanted you to know that it’s coming, and we expect to make it available for you soon.
      We will update you in the coming days to let you know the name of the realm and the time it will open along with free character moves for a limited time.
      Thank you!
    • By Stan
      Paid character transfers are not off the table for WoW Classic, but no other services beyond that are considered. 
      Long story short, I've recently transferred my character from Shazzrah to Dragonfang to avoid long wait times and it's been a blast. The realm has no queues and you don't need to wait 15 minutes for mobs to respawn. Blizzard recently announced Free Character Moves to populate the new servers and the most common questions players keep asking is how dead the server is and if it's worth transferring the characters over.
      What most don't realize is that paid character transfers might be available in WoW Classic sooner or later, so even if you move your characters for the sake of leveling to a server that potentially becomes "dead", it's more than likely that you will be able to transfer your characters elsewhere in the future at a cost.
      To back this up, we have a couple of responses from Classic developers (taken from the latest Reddit AMA). We learned that:
      Paid character transfers are considered for WoW Classic, because they were available in original WoW. They might be limited to players who have reached higher levels. Realm identity is very important for Blizzard and they will look into rules that were in place back then and discuss the implications of players moving to a new realm. No other services beyond paid character transfers are considered for WoW Classic. Blizzard (Source)
      Do you have a contingency plan to deal with a larger-than-expected population? Suppose as many people create characters in the 24 hours before and after launch as have done so already -- how quickly will you be able to add new servers?
      We have contingency plans in place to bring up additional realms quickly if needed. We may also integrate character transfers (this ultimately became a service in original WoW.)
      As you can imagine, it's difficult for us to gauge how many people will come to play Classic and stay on to experience max-level content. Ultimately, we want to see realms with healthy stable populations so we'll try to match demand without inadvertently creating low population realms in the process.
      I hope that the character services stays limited to server xfers, because things like Character Boosts would break my heart.
      Character Boosts are not in keeping with Classic. We don't want to break any hearts.
      Piggy backing on this...will PAID transfers also be a thing should a server drop heavily in population and a player wishes to move to find more activity or reconvene with friends on another server.
      We're considering integrating a character transfer service once players have reached higher levels. This was available in the original WoW. We'll look at the rules we imposed at that time and also discuss the implications of players moving to a new realm. We believe realm identity is an important aspect of Classic so any guidelines around transfers should support this belief.
      Will there be paid services for Classic?
      We aren't considering other services beyond character transfer at this time.
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