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Builds for the New Path of Exile Season

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The 3.8 Blight league expansion for Path of Exile has launched today, and if you are looking for a build to play, we have tons of options for you over at PoE Vault!

With huge changes coming to minion builds, mines, and poison skills, as well as a lot of smaller changes to general damage over time, flasks, and gem levels, the Path of Exile's Patch 3.8 is very promising. Plenty more was changed, so you might want to take a look at the patch notes. The launch of 3.8 also brings a new league, and with any new league, you want to start strong. We have plenty of many starter builds on PoE Vault, our sister site, and have compiled some great options for you here.

  • The Elemental Hit Deadeye build offers speed like no other, blasting through maps with fiery explosions, while equally at home destroying deadly bosses.
  • The Frost Blades Raider build offers similar speed, shattering the screen from afar, while taking great advantage of the buffs to Raiders this league. 
  • If you are looking to burn your enemies to the ground while taking a leisurely stroll through maps, the Ignite Herald of Thunder Elementalist build may be exactly what you are looking for, with automated damage allowing for incredible speed, and reliable burst damage through powerful Vaal Arc ignites.
  • If you want to take advantage of the changes to poison this league, the Cobra Lash Assassin build lets you do it in style, taking advantage of one of the newly added skills to deal great damage.
  • The Cyclone Slayer build is tried and true, one of the best options to spin to win! It was one of the most powerful and popular builds last league, still a powerhouse this league. 
  • The Icicle Mine Saboteur build takes advantage of the reworked mine skills to deal immense damage, shattering large swathes of the screen from a safe distance.
  • Another tried and true powerhouse, the Essence Drain Trickster build through maps with massive chain reactions, and is equally adept at taking on the hardest content the game has to offer.
  • If minions are what you are looking for, the Baron Necromancer build offers plenty of zombies and skeletons, augmented by a huge pool of strength, resulting in massive damage and amazing survivability.
  • Making use of the power of Slayer and one of the strongest damage scaling mechanics in the game, Doomfletch's Prism Slayer build offers amazing damage on a tight budget, and makes a great starter build.
  • If you want to scale your health pool through the roof and deal damage with it, the Chieftain Righteous Fire build is what you are looking for! Burning itself to burn enemies, this build is great on a budget and has amazing scaling potential.
  • The Bladestorm Berserker build offers blistering speed, powerful twisters, and extremely high damage.
  • If you want high damage, great bossing potential, and to utilize some powerful and interesting uniques, the Scourge Arrow Ascendant build is a great choice, making use of some powerful scaling and one of the most powerful skills in the game.
  • If you want to laugh in the face of your foes onslaught, the Blade Flurry Gladiator build offers amazing defenses without sacrificing damage, blowing your enemies into bloody explosions, resulting in amazing clearspeed.
  • Rising to dominance in 3.7, the Tornado Shot Champion build is still a powerhouse of both offense and defense, that can be easily put together on even the smallest budget. 
  • Of course, one of the biggest reworks of 3.8, the Raise Spectre Necromancer build remains a very powerful option, dealing absolutely massive damage on even a tight budget.

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At the bottom of the Icy Veins pages there is a link to the sister site (owned by same people):


So there is no need to create a PoE section within 🙂 PoE-Vault in practice is Icy Veins for PoE! Enjoy 😄 

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