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Having trouble with garrosh as a boomkin

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hey guys ive been playing boomkin since MoP was released and i find that ive been doing pretty well for the most part. My group is 14/14 nm SoO and i do fine on pretty much every fight except for garrosh. i dont know why my dps is so poor but im here to ask for some tips.

Armory: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/malganis/Tuskamoo/simple


Log from last raid garrosh: http://worldoflogs.com/reports/rt-0gb2orj3okqg4z7n/sum/damageDone/?s=10379&e=10906


Log from full raid night: http://worldoflogs.com/reports/rt-0gb2orj3okqg4z7n


oh and i was on ironstar duty for that day since our usual guy had to go


anything else that you can find to help would be great too not just for garrosh


Thanks for any advice in advance

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It's all down to dot uptime.. you can take your Rogue as a benchmark since his poisons should always be up when it's possible. He's at around 95% and the Shaman was close to that with Flame Shock. You were at around 80%. Letting your dots fall off has a snowballing effect - you lose SS procs, which causes you to fall behind on Nature's Grace uptime since you're not cycling through eclipse phases as efficiently, which makes your dots tick slower. So you have to be really diligent and use an add-on like Affdots if you can't manage it on your own.

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You should be aiming to reapply your DoTs as soon as they drop off. You could maybe delay doing it if you're literally one cast away from entering your eclipse, but in most cases you just recast them immediately.

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I didn't see anything else noteworthy that wasn't related to dot uptime. Like I said, it has a spillover effect to all of the other key buffs you want high uptime on - namely Shooting Stars procs, Eclipse states and Nature's Grace. So it's really crucial to keep them up all the time, even if you can't buff them with Eclipse.


This is likely going to be the case in WoD as well, unless they completely revamp the class, since dot snapshotting is going the way of the dodo. So it's a good thing to get used to trying for 100% uptime.

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(sorry I am no englishspeaking person, so I hope you'll understand what I am now going to share with you)


You should play with INC (or atleast with DoC) not with FON. yeye I know ppl now yelling FON is better with singletarget dps

But I say: yes and no. or better said  "more no"


(and you requested help for garrosh so we will just look at garrosh fights)

in general, your goal is maximum DPS over the full length of the fight.

this goal includes maximum burst dmg when possible. (as many high dps-peaks as possible)

the higher your dps peaks are, the more overalldps you'll have

FON is nice if garrosh would be the only target thru out the whole fight. but he isnt.

The fight:

- I cant see any Hurricane, or at least AstraStorm dmg in your logs.(Hurricane always better!!)

   you start with a bunch of adds williing to die affected by your INC+CAbuffed Hurricane/AstralStorm.

   DOT them all. With CA you get both dots in 1 GCD on them. then Hurricane/AS them down

   Just this opener will raise up your DPS.

- then use sun eclipsed hurricane when adds spawn. optimize your rotation/playstyle so everytime (if possible) the adds 

  spawn, you will be at sun eclipse.

- Siege engineer kills also your overall dps. explain to your raidlead that moonkins are not best / effective choise. 

  e.g. Mage are more betteer

   (OK, according to logs there was no other choice due to raidsetup)

- Also you only need to kill 1 engineer in non heroic.

- try always to Dot desecrated weapon.

- get Affdots and Balance plugin for knowing when to redot

- your best DOTuptime @WOL would be something like this calculation: "Bosskilltime minus ~ 30 seconds

 (why? transition phase! many secounds passing where you arent able to dot anything)

- use Troll Berserking with CA (if you dont already doing it)

- also try to improve your raid. normally, there should be no need for you to cast rejuv and HT


according to epeenbot you had some garrosh fightes with higher DPS
12/5/13 9m 51s 236,636 DPS - unfort. the log has expired sad.png


greetings and good luck

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just remember on the fight. ,most classes have some type of splash dmg that carries ALOT of dmg behind it that can make numbers look a little, off. also with being on weapons you lose boss dmg blah blah. its a given. classes that can dot alot of things or splash hit are gonna be higher its a given on that fight.

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