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WoW Classic City Tour: Thunder Bluff

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The official series of city tours continues today with Thunder Bluff. Check it out if you're having a hard time navigating through the city in WoW Classic.

Blizzard LogoBlizzard (Source)

Finding trainers and supplies can take a little extra time to adjust to in WoW Classic, but we’ve got a handy guide to help you get around the tauren capital city of Thunder Bluff. You'll need to navigate between the various rises via bridges and stairwells to get to the trainers you're looking for.

Quick Index of Locations

*Weapon Trainer: (3a) There is one Weapon Trainer located in the Lower Rise–Weapon Master Ansekhwa.

Profession Trainers Class Trainers and Supplies
Alchemy–Middle Rise (6) Druid–The Elders Rise (15)
Blacksmithing–Lower Rise (3) Hunter–The Hunter's Rise (10)
Enchanting–Middle Rise (5) Mage–The Spirit Rise (12)
Leatherworking–Middle Rise (4) Priest–The Spirit Rise (12)
Tailoring– Middle Rise (4) Warrior–The Hunter's Rise (10)
Cooking– High Rise (9) Stable–The Lower Rise
First Aid–High Rise (14) General Trade Goods–Lower Rise (3a)
Fishing–The Magic Quarter (8) Reagent Vendor–Lower Rise (1)
Herbalism–Middle Rise (7)  
Mining–Lower Rise (2)
Skinning–Middle Rise (4)
Tip: Don’t forget you can speak to one of the many guards throughout the city who can direct you to a variety of locations including: the bank, the wind rider master, guild master, the inn, mailbox, the auction house, weapon master, battlemasters, class trainers, and profession trainers. They’ll mark your map with a red flag to indicate where you need to go.

Full Index of Locations

Lower Rise
Location Category NPC Type

NPC Name

1– Wandering Class Supplies Reagent Vendor Chepi
2–Stonehoof Geology Profession Trainer Mining Trainer Brek Stonehoof
  Profession Supplies Mining Supplier Kurm Stonehoof
3–Kam's Smithy Profession Trainer Journeyman Blacksmith Thrag Stonehoof
  Profession Trainer Expert Blacksmith Karn Stonehoof
  Profession Supplies Blacksmithing Supplies Taur Stonehoof
3a–Thunder Bluff Weapons Weapon Trainer Weapon Master Ansekhwa
      Trade Goods and Supplies Profession Supplies Trade Goods Supplier Shadi Mistrunner
Inn–Not Pictured Stable Hunter Stable Bulrug
Tip: Weapon Master Ansekhwa in the lower rise of Thunder Bluff can teach one- and two-handed maces, staves, and guns and Weapon. When seeking out a weapon master to train a new weapon skill, keep in mind that each one specializes in specific weapon types. Master Archibald in the War Quarter of Undercity can train crossbows, daggers, one- and two-handed swords and polearms. Weapon Master Hanashi in the Valley of Honor in Orgrimmar can teach bows, one- and two-handed axes, staves and all manner of thrown weapons. Weapon Master Sayoc in the Valley of Honor in Orgrimmar can teach bows, daggers, fist weapons, one- and two-handed axes, and thrown weapons.

Middle Rise

Location Category NPC Type NPC Name
4– Thunder Bluff Armorer's Profession Trainer Skinning Trainer Mooranta
  Profession Trainer Expert Leatherworker Tarn
  Profession Trainer Artisan Leatherworker Una
  Profession Trainer Journeyman Leatherworker Mak
  Profession Supplies Leatherworking and Tailoring Supplies Mahu
  Profession Trainer Journeyman Tailor Vhan
  Profession Trainer Expert Tailor Tepa
5–Dawnstrider Enchanters Profession Trainer Journeyman Enchanter Mot Dawnstrider
  Profession Supplies Enchanting Supplies Nata Dawnstrider
  Profession Trainer Expert Enchanter Teg Dawnstrider
6–Bena's Alchemy Profession Trainer Journeyman Alchemist Kray
  Profession Trainer Expert Alchemist Bena Winterhoof
  Profession Supplies Alchemy Supplies Mani Winterhoof
7–Holistic Herbalism Profession Trainer Herbalism Trainer Komin Winterhoof
  Profession Supplies Herbalism Supplies Nida Winterhoof

High Rise

Location Category NPC Type NPC Name
8–Mountaintop Bait & Tackle Profession Trainer Fishing Trainer Kah Mistrunner
  Profession Supplies Fishing Supplier Sewa Mistrunner
9–Aska's Kitchen Profession Trainer Cooking Trainer Aska Mistrunner
  Profession Supplies Cooking Supplier Naal Mistrunner

The Hunter's Rise

Location Category NPC Type NPC Name
10–Hunter's Hall Class Trainer Hunter Trainer Urek Thunderhorn
  Class Trainer Hunter Trainer Kary Thunderhorn
  Class Trainer Hunter Trainer Holt Thunderhorn
  Class Trainer Warrior Trainer Sark Ragetotem
  Class Trainer Warrior Trainer Torm Ragetotem
  Class Trainer Warrior Trainer Ker Ragetotem
11–Pet Trainer Class Trainer Hunter Pet Trainer Hesuwa Thunderhorn

The Spirit Rise

Location Category NPC Type NPC Name
12–The Pools Vision Class Trainer Mage Trainer Ursyn Ghull
  Class Trainer Priest Trainer Miles Welsh
  Class Trainer Priest Trainer Malakai Cross
  Class Trainer Mage Trainer Archmage Shymm
  Class Trainer Portal Trainer Brigitte Cranston
  Class Trainer Mage Trainer Thurston Xane
  Class Trainer Priest Trainer Father Cobb
13–Hall of Spirits Class Trainer Shaman Trainer Siln Skychaser
  Class Trainer Shaman Trainer Beram Skychaser
  Class Trainer Shaman Trainer Tigor Skychaser
14–Spiritual Healing Profession Trainer First Aid Trainer Pand Stonebinder

The Elder Rise

Location Category NPC Type NPC Name
15–Hall of Elders Class Trainer Druid Trainer Turak Runetotem
  Class Trainer Druid Trainer Sheal Runetotem
  Class Trainer Druid Trainer Kym Wildmane

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Aside from adding new profession trainer npcs, I think Thunder Bluff today is exactly the same as it used to be?     Nothing ever really happens in Mulgore

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9 hours ago, Migol said:

Aside from adding new profession trainer npcs, I think Thunder Bluff today is exactly the same as it used to be?     Nothing ever really happens in Mulgore

Nothing drastic has ever happened in TB. It's why I prefer ORg since you can at least play around with Gamon.

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