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Il'gynoth Whispers 8.3 SPOILERS

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Below in bold are data-mined broadcast text for Il'gynoth in 8.3 - here's my take on them:

Before the last shadow falls, the Father of Sleep shall savor his feast. - The "last shadow" is N'zoth, and before he falls the "Father of Sleep" (death) will get his fill as a lot more people are going to die before N'zoth is defeated.

The golden one claims a vacant throne. The crown of light will bring only darkness. - This is Calia for sure, the vacant throne is Lordaeron. Maybe the darkness she brings is the Shadowlands.

When their mistress beckons, nine ravens take flight. Each seeks a prize to earn her favor. - Tough one for sure, but it may point to Sylvanas and her val'kyr. Ravens were big in the story of Stormheim as well, so this could point to Helya.

The vassal of life disguises treachery. Beware the eyes of green. - Something tells me Eonar (and maybe Elune herself) are not all that they appear to be. Remember that Eonar is a champion of mortal life and mortal life is the product of Old God corruption. I think Elune is actually both the light and void and she is currently in a void cycle.

Five lanterns, now darkened. The flame they seek will light the masters' way. - Maybe the Pantheon, as there are only five of them left after Sargeras and Argus were defeated. It could also be the Dragon Aspects (Bronze, Blue, Red, Green, and Black) - they were all stripped of power in Cataclysm and could be seeking to reclaim it (Dragon Isles might bridge the gap between Aspects and the Old Gods).

The blind queen wields a scepter of bone. From the deep she calls forth doom. - This one has me stumped to the max. The second line seems to reference either the seas or the earth (from the deep), which could put it on Helya, Azshara, or Azeroth herself. I thought it could even be Queen Talanji as she was blind to her father's pact with death, but it seems as though she is quite aware of that now. The Zandalari pact with Death could have real impact moving forward.

The cunning ones kneel before six masters, but serve only one. - Not sure about this one either, but this is the second Old God reference to a group of six with one being the outlier. This could be about the reformed Pantheon (with Azeroth being the 6th). I sort of think that Aman'thul will reveal himself to be an enemy (time consumes all, just like the void - there's also the matter of the Infinite Dragonflight who look to unravel time. Nozdormu was corrupted by the Old Gods, could the source of his power [Aman'thul] be corrupt as well?).

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Maybe the last one isn't about now... maybe in the future. My thought possibly towards the new Horde council? Maybe 6 will be in charge and 1 will betray them all... just a thought

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