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Need dps help for my fury warrior

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I know you probably get tired of seeing these topics over and over but I'm honestly at a loss for anywhere else to turn. I'm at 569 ilvl and 8/14 heroic progression so obviously I'm not a complete idiot but it seems like lately the more gear i get, the worse my dps gets for whatever reason. Like i said I'm not exactly horrible but my dps is usually at or near the bottom during heroic progression with my guild and I know for my ilvl it should be much higher. I've tried every addon under the sun. I take advantage of every possible buff and still it seems it's getting worse instead of better. I'm gonna include my armory and logs from a recent raid night and hopefully ragebarr or someone here can help. If so I would be eternally grateful.








P.S. on the night of those logs i was in arms spec for iron jug since we did it on norm and not heroic so I didn't bother changing after galakras. for heroic iron jug i definitely always use fury.

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From what i see by just taking a quick look to your armory you got a quite obvious itemization problem. The more ilvl you doesn't always mean the more dps you'll do, specially in case of fury warrior for which crit as so much value.

Your crit is very low for your ilvl because of wasted haste items you have. First thing i would do at your place is re-gemming everything into full crit untill you get at least 40% which is close to 21k rating i think.

You need to change these haste/mastery items asap though, even for lower ilvl pieces with crit : i would take normal t16 head, maybe flex garrosh shoulders, normal chest from shamans and crafted legs to begin with for example.

Don't bother seeing a strenght loss as it will easily be negated by a higher enrage uptime most of the time, and you'll see yourself doing quite a lot more RB even outside of CS which is still a net gain over other fillers.

I didn't take a good look at your logs but it seems you can do better in terms of DPS even with your current gear so there might be a rotation issue as well. I'll try to take a look at these of ragebarr doesn't come before :p


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Hello rip,


With just a super quick sweep of the logs, I can see that you are definitely not taking advantage of all possible Bloodthirst and Colossus Smash cooldowns.


The Only reasons Colossus Smash should be delayed are if you are 1) if you are not benefiting from Enrage buff or 2) you do not have a Raging Blow proc. Keep in mind that if Berserker Rage is available, it will fix both of these issues. For this reason, it is also important to never waste a Berserker Rage.


Other than this, be sure to always have 80+ rage every time you Colossus Smash (no exceptions!). This will allow you to Heroic Strike on every Global Cooldown during the Colossus Smash debuff.


There are others here who can assist you further, but hopefully this helps. Feel free to ask if you have any specific concerns about the rotation/priority.

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You're TG, so you should be using Stormbolt on ever fight other than Galakras (and Protectors if you're not going arms for it).


As far as the logs to, these are far from ideal. I'd want to be looking at IJ or Malkorok parse, if I can, but the IJ parse you've given me is arms. The other couple fights where I could've checked (Protectors/Dark Shamans) you were Arms/Prot. I'm going to try and look at HSha, but it's definitely not an ideal fight to examine parses.


First of all you used 52 BTs out of a possiblity of 100+. You should be getting this up to at least 75% BT usage, if not more. You also didn't use 3 CSs, which is quite a big DPS loss. I don't see any cast of your T60 talent either. As I also said above, you used Bloodbath on a single target fight, which you shouldn't do this tier. Finally, you wasted 13 Raging Blow procs out of 42. That is *a lot* of wasted DPS. Remember to always cast RB if it reaches 2 charges or if it's remaining charge will drop before you cast your next BT.


I can't really see if you're doing your CS windows correctly with worldoflogs as I can with warcraftlogs, but I hope this helps you anyway :)



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