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Hi folks,


I've spent some time looking for an answer but as I have a very specific question I can't find a good answer.


Question 1:


In most of fight of SoO I use the combinaison of Galakras and Thok's Trinket.

Thok in normal version. 

Galakras in the flex version (upgraded).


I just got Fusion Core Trinket in Heroic Mode and I wonder if I should remplace Galakras's trinket or not ?

What do you think ?


Question 2:

I have a nice weak aura to monitor Raid defensive CD but I have issue with the Demoralizing Banner.

Is it a debuff on the ennemy ? I find the tooltip a little bit blur..


For instance, during Iron Juggernaut HM we stay far from the boss in P2. Does my Banner work to reduce the damage from a bump or not ? Should I place my banner close to the boss or close to the players ?


Thank you for reading (sorry, English is not my native langage)

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Hey zis,


Answer 1:

Have EEoG and TTT equipped at all times for now. Once you get all heroic trinkets, you'll want to have EEoG equipped at all times along with TTT, only subbing out TTT for Fusion Fire for certain encounters (i.e. Galakras, Spoils).


Answer 2:

I believe Demoralizing Banner will show as a debuff on every enemy within range. I'm not sure how damage given during siege phase registers, but it won't benefit you to use it during siege phase on Iron Jugg simply because the raid will be much farther than 30 yards away from the boss at that point. If anything, you'll want to pop into defensive stance at that point and use Rallying Cry if you see raid hp drop particularly low at any point.

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To precise on answer 1: FFC is honestly really bad. It's only ever useful on pahse 1 galakras, assuming you're not doing towers. If you are, you don't actually get enough value out of it to be worth it. It's also not that useful on Heroic Spoils, since you prefer to open as little boxes as possible.

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