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What my DPS should be (Fury)

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Hi , I have gathered a decent DPS gear (its my offspec) and im not sure what DPS im supposed to do (I was arm before , no 2 nd weapon)


im 566 ilvl but with unbalanced items :


2x574 sha sword

561 malkorok tanking bracers (norushen dont want to loot tongue.png)

574 shamans chest

legendary cloack

574 galakrass shoulders

553 malkorok neck

553 t16 helm

574 t16 gloves

561 blacksmith belt

574 malkorok legs

574 sha boots

553 spoils ring

553 blackfuse ring

567 thok trinket

540 klaxxi trinket



Im doing ~325 k dps on norushen cleaning corruption first in the group , 325k on sha (not heroic so just dpsing all day , no aoe on adds)

around 310k on juggernaut

between 270K and 300K on garrosh (with no aoe) depending how many times i get mc'ed


specialy for garrosh it seems lower than what I should do with my gear


What you guys opinion are ? do I have big room for improvement or am I fine ? thanks .

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It's hard to say without any logs to look at, but the numbers don't look horrible.


If you want me to give you more details, just leave a WoL or warcraftlogs parse and I can look at it :)

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