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A new RP-Realm Toy: The Craftily Crafted Mask

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so with the elixir of tongues permitting gamers to recognise the language of the opposite faction, how about taking it a step further with a cunning hide?

the craftily crafted mask is stimulated through the various npcs sporting paper mask during the sport, posing as a friendly member of the opposite faction - what if we had been allowed to do the identical?solitaire.onl/ 9apps.ooo/ 

item policies such as "can't be ready at the same time as in conflict mode" and/or "cannot be equipped/unequipped whilst in a opposed zone" will be implemented - in the latter case, for example, a horde player wishing to enter stormwind may want to accomplish that only if they equipped the masks outdoor of the gates, and could not remove it once interior to save you the object being abused for pvp functions.

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