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Getting up to Speed - Warlock Addons

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Glancing at the list of addons on the warlock guide was quite daunting.  It's tough learning how to configure/optimize these addons when still getting used to normal/heroic content.  


Ideally I will continue to add addons as I get more familiar with the interface but it's too much to do at once.  So my question is, what would you list as a current addon priority list?


I'm currently using:

1.  DBM

2. Weak Auras

3.  Recount



Am I missing any "need to have" addons and if not, what are the "nice to haves" I should add next?



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You never "need" recount. Also, I would say if you're going to use one then use Skada. It's normally more accurate. 


DBM and/or BigWigs is the big must have.


If you're playing destro then you don't need AffDots but it helps imo, if you're going to play destro or demo then you Need AffDoTs.


WeakAuras and strings either built by you or someone else is a must.


Past that it's more about preference. 


My must have list is WeakAuras, BW, Raven, ShadowedUnitFrames, Sexy Map, AffDoTs, and Bartender. Those are the addons I set up for every toon no matter what. I can play with a stock UI, but it's really lacking.

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+1 for Skada over Recount. 


What Locky said is pretty spot on, I have everything he uses except I still use DBM instead of BW or VEM. I actually use Pitbull for my frames though and just have SUF for the boss raid frames.


To add to his list, I think Tidyplates are a must have and I love Gnosis for the cast bars which is pretty much a must for me but probably isn't high on the must have priority list in general.


I have a bunch of other stuff also but those are the basics I would say.

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