Priest...Holy Cow!

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Been rocking the Priest deck recently.  It's been through a few evolutions but I think this is pretty much my final draft (unless I get some killer epic cards). 


2 Holy Smite

2 Inner Fire

2 Power Word: Shield

2 Light Warden

2 Northshire Cleric

2 Divine Spirit

2 Mind Blast

2 Shadow Word: Pain

2 Lightwell

2 Shadow Word: Death

2 Lightspawn

2 Sen'Jin Shieldmaster

2 Holy Nova

2 Darkscale Healer

1 Temple Enforcer

1 Mind Control


Some highlights (all of these actually happened):


1st turn coined out a 'Cleric w/a 'Shield, 2nd turn Divine Spirit, 3rd turn Inner Fire ('Cleric is now 10/10)...proceeded to beatdown my opponent gleefully. 


Lightspawn turn 4 followed by a 'Shield and a double Divine Spirit on turn 5 and attack for 28. 


Its turn 8 and my opponent is sitting behind several taunt minions, has 10 health, and it looks grim for me (he has the damage on the board to kill me on his next turn)...I run my only minion on the board, a Lightspawn, into one of them (going to 1/1) then drop 2 Clerics (my only cards in hand) and heal the Lightspawn for 2...I draw 2 Mind Blast FTW...woot!


Play notes:


Don't drop the 'Cleric early unless you can back her up.  I often drop her and the 'Warden together so they have to choose which to remove.  Best if you can drop her and follow up with a heal on the same turn.


Has a lack of removal against most minions with an attack of 4.  However all of your 4+ drop minions (and a Lightwell w/Inner Fire) can handle the majority of them.


Hold your Mind Blasts.  Make it harder for your opponent to calculate health and determine whether or not to take out your minions.  Use the Mind Blast as a finisher and resist the temptation to ding them for 5 on turn 2.



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This looks really similar to the deck I have been running. I'll have to look into the Light Wardens more, I saw them but passed them up. Instead of the Sen'Jin Shieldmasta you can try the Sunfury Protector (2) or Defender of Argus (4) which both have a battlecry ability that gives adjacent minions taunt.

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