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Hi,  im old player here, since D1, but never played HC, now i know is the heart of the game, my first HC toon just died, WD p305, RIP, now  im waiting the next season and return to HC, hope you can understand my babe english 

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HC PS4 here too (last 2 seasons at least).  I tend to run rather conservatively until I have at least 5 ancients, p600 and 2 augments.  Running DH s6 impale here btw.  

It's important to know your mob types and to quit the game when you see bad mob types (succubus, moon clan shamans, fallen shamans, accursed, tusked bogans etc).  The same applies to bad elite types (for DH, that's dervishes and sand dwellers - instaquit).  

Don't waste time on bad mob/map types - just quit and run another GR - all that'll happen is you'll try and persevere with bad mobs/map and push your build harder than you should and you character will die.

Don't get greedy - know your limits and don't be too vain to walk away.  

My s19 DH made it to p1100, rank 4.  My s20 DH made it to p1200, rank 7 (s20 had more high end group players don't a season final push, and being solo, I just can't compete - p1200 vs p4000+ is just impossible to make up for in player skill).  No deaths.  MANY HC players on PS4 are dying and reloading a save from local or the cloud and cheating.  Please be aware of this.  It ruins the HC competition imho 😞

edit: I run diamonds in the chest and amethyst in the pants and run the companion ==> boar rune for extra toughness too.  I initially stack vit on helm, off hand, gloves and weapon until I get enough paragon and some augments.  Then I drop the vit off the weapon and do my pushes up to GR 116/117.  From there it gets scary as I drop vit off gloves (for IAS), vit off helm (for chc) and quiver (for impale dmg).  If I am on a push and I proc awareness, I back off until it resets.  A dead DH does no dmg and the aim of the game is NOT to die.  On my 119 clear, I procced awareness due to a silly mistake around the 2/3 mark (right near the end of a very good map) and I was 1.5 min up on the timer.  Mobs were good, so I kited and was very careful until awareness reset and went back at it.  Sadly, my 2nd level was very bad mobs and a banished realm map and I procced awareness again and I really had to back off and I lost most of that 1.5 min lead, which unfortunately meant I lost out on rank 6 by 3.5 seconds 😞 still, that 119 got me rank 7 instead of rank 8.  I know DH VERY well, so I know what I can get away with and my 6th sense helps me in this respect.  You *really* need to develop that 6th sense to be competitive with HC imho.  

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10 hours ago, Eyet said:

Really, a lot of thanks, hope see u next season


you're welcome.  I'm a very experienced player, very experienced with DH.  

8 hours ago, Eyet said:

Shadow  Impale?


Avoid the new "god" build - it is truly terrible imho.  

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