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Official Patch 8.3.7 Update Notes

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Blizzard today released a small update to World of Warcraft with no new content/changes, but server-side updates required for Shadowlands.

The 8.3.7 update will arrive in the NA region after the extended maintenance. It contains just backend updates that are required for Shadowlands, so there is no new player content.

Patch 8.3.7 was available for playtesting for some time and the latest PTR build contained Titan Residuum conversion to Silver.

Blizzard Logo(Source)

Today, we’re applying a small update to World of Warcraft.

World of Warcraft Version 8.3.7

Update Notes

  • This update contains non-player-facing changes that are required for Shadowlands.
  • The WoW Companion App has been updated with bug fixes and stability improvements.

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    • By Staff
      Many players rejoiced when they found out that the  Necrotic affix was being nerfed in 9.1, but then had a very different reaction when the change was reverted back this week. Apparently the affix is too powerful on live, but was over-nerfed on the PTR, where all mobs got the boss mechanics of applying it only every other swing. At the moment, the nerf/every other swing change is only being applied to the new seasonal lieutenants, but there may be more changes coming soon:
      Necrotic Un-Nerf (Source)
      This seems like a good place to remind ourselves that often, a test environment is where we test works in progress, and works in progress can sometimes be applied to that test environment in an incomplete state.
      In this case, “lieutenant” (level 61) enemies that are generally immune to crowd control are keeping their new every-other-swing behavior. The intent of the previous change on the PTR was clearly to nerf Necrotic, but the nerf was likely too much.
      In the live game, Necrotic is probably a little more oppressive than we want it to be, so don’t be surprised if more tweaks to it hit the PTR over the next few days.
    • By Stan
      Tyrande's new model 9.1 model is displayed in a short clip that plays when you visit the official World of Warcraft website.
      It appears the Night Warrior is getting some screen time in Chains of Domination. In the latest video that plays on the WoW website, we see her with a completely new model. Here's the whole clip if you haven’t seen it yet.

    • By Stan
      Blizzard released the first 9.1 Release Candidate on the PTR today.
      Patch 9.1 Build 39069 is tagged as Release Candidate, which means Blizzard is getting ready to launch Chains of Domination on June 29! This is the second 9.1 build we saw this week. The first one (Build 39015) went live on Tuesday.

    • By Stan
      Today, we are looking at the mount you can get by completing the Sanctum of Domination raid meta-achievement.
      Glory of the Dominant Raider requires you to complete various achievements in the new raid. Once you complete them, you will receive Bracer of Hrestimorak.
      "The treachery of Hrestimorak was infamous, betraying his people to claim power. Facing damnation in the Maw, he tried to subvert the Jailer... a foolish act that would earn him an eternity of torment."

    • By Staff
      Patch 9.1 will go live on June 29 (US) and June 30 (EU)!
      We finally have a release date for Patch 9.1! Chains of Domination will go live on June 29 in the Americas and one day later (June 30) in EU!
      The traitorous Sire Denathrius has been defeated, but the power of the Maw still grows. Return to the Maw with the restored strength of the kyrian, necrolords, night fae, and venthyr and together strike back at the Jailer.
      The Chains of Domination content update is packed with new features—brave a new area of the Maw—Korthia, the City of Secrets. Breach the Sanctum of Domination raid dungeon to confront the Jailer in the heart of Torghast. Discover the new mega-dungeon—Tazavesh, the Veiled Market, learn to take flight above the Shadowlands, and more.
      Breach the Sanctum of Domination
      Breach the Sanctum and slay the formidable servants of Sylvanas and the Banished One in an epic new raid—Sanctum of Domination.
      For eons, the Jailer was bound within The Maw. Now, his endless armies gather as he expands its boundaries to consume Oribos. In the face of annihilation, Bolvar marshals his last remaining allies to charge into the heart of Torghast and confront the Jailer where he is most powerful.
      Raid Unlock Schedule
      July 6 – Normal and Heroic Difficulties
      July 13 – Raid Finder Wing 1 and Mythic Difficulties (The Tarragrue, The Eye of the Jailer, The Nine)
      July 27 – Raid Finder Wing 2 (Soulrender Dormazain, Remnant of Ner’zhul, and Painsmith Raznal)
      August 10 – Raid Finder Wing 3 (Guardian of the First Ones, Fatescribe Roh-Kalo, and Kel’Thuzad)
      August 24 – Raid Finder Wing 4 (Sylvanas Windrunner)
      [LEARN MORE]
      Maw Updates in Chains of Domination
      As part of his ongoing schemes, the Jailer has located a long-lost domain of the Shadowlands—Korthia, the City of Secrets—and dragged it from the hidden byways of the In-Between into the Maw.  [LEARN MORE]
      Shadowlands: Take a Day Trip to Tazavesh, the Veiled Market
      Gather your party and discover exotic wares and strange creatures in the new eight-boss Mythic difficulty mega-dungeon; Tazavesh: the Veiled Market opening with Season 2. [LEARN MORE]
      Learn About the Mythic+ Dungeon Rating
      Take your Mythic+ skills to the next level. Chains of Domination introduces a way for players to clearly gauge their success and preparation to take on the challenges found in Mythic+ dungeons. [LEARN MORE]
      Prepare for Lift Off: Get Ready for Flying in Chains of Domination
      Earn your wings and a special covenant-themed mount in the next major content update, Chains of Domination! Instead of challenging you with a Pathfinder achievement like in previous expansions, you’ll instead earn flying in Shadowlands early on within the newest chapters of your covenant campaign. [LEARN MORE]
      Shadowlands Season 2 Begins July 6
      PvP Season 2
      PvP Season 2 brings with it increased item levels for rewards. These new seasonal rewards for PvP include new colorations of the Gladiator and new Vicious mounts—Alliance and Horde-themed Gorm.
      Mythic+ Season 2
      Mythic+ Season 2 introduces increased item levels for rewards and new mounts, along with a new dungeon affix: Tormented Servants of the Jailer. These servants can be found throughout the dungeon and grant powerful boons when defeated. In addition, if a servant is not dealt with, they empower the final boss.
      Season 2 also brings with it Torghast, Tower of the Damned Layer 10, and the opening of Tazavesh, the Veiled Market on Mythic difficulty.
      Check back here on the World of Warcraft site in the coming days for more updates.
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