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WoW Classic Players Complete Blue & Green Scepter Shards

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The rebuilding of The Scepter of the Shifting Sands The Scepter of the Shifting Sands continues in WoW Classic, and after the first servers completed the War Effort,  we have players reporting that they already obtained Green Scepter Shard Green Scepter Shard and Blue Scepter Shard Blue Scepter Shard for the next portion of the lengthy questline.

Reddit user Xertdk reported they already got their hands on the Green Scepter Shard Green Scepter Shard, which requires completion of the carapace farm. Apparently, 3 guilds on their server agreed to funnel each guild at a time with fragments for a total of 18,000 fragments per guild.


Redditor endthefed also shared two videos in the thread titled "World First" Blue & Green Scepter Shard, but if that truly are World Firsts is debatable, so take it with a grain of salt. Note that the Blue Scepter can be easily obtained by both factions, as it is fairly difficult to defeat Eranikus. Here are the videos to demonstrate to you the final steps of getting both shards.

Blue Shard

Green Shard
The final Red Scepter Shard Red Scepter Shard requires two Blackwing Lair lockouts and is time-gates, so we will need to wait a little more for Ahn'Qiraj to open.

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