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Lock Damage Display

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My lock uses four shadow-based spells.  He has a Shoulder armor that adds 16 Shadow Spell Damage.  Yet, the numbers shown in the Ranged Attack Damage display don't change when I remove that item, or when I equip it.  His damage shown is always 32-60.

My frost mage, on the other hand, has a helmet that adds 24 Frost Spell Damage, and a staff that increases damage done by frost spells and effects by up to 10.  Her base damage is 31-58 (in the Ranged Attack Damage display).  When I add the staff, it goes up to 41-68; and when I add the helmet her damage goes up to 65-92 in the Ranged Attack Damage display.

Is this working as intended?  Doesn't make any sense to me, but I'm just an average player and don't know much about the inner workings of the game.  Why does this work on one character, but not another?


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Spell damage does not effect your Ranged Attack (aka Wand) damage. I assume that it's just a display bug on your mage.

I recommend using DejaClassicStats to get a more accurate and detailed readout of your stats.

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