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Covenant Dungeon Buffs

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On 9/18/2020 at 2:44 PM, datgrl said:

Do the  covenant dungeon buffs appear as an extra action button? Or are they passive?

I don't know how this went unanswered until now. Sorry about that.

For anyone still wondering, it depends.

Necrotic Wake: you talk to the Steward to activate the Goliath (not an extra action button).

Spires of Ascension: you pick up the Spear and it does show up as an extra action button.

Halls of Atonement: extra action button to tame the Stoneborn.

Sanguine Depths: no extra action button, just click the object.

Plaguefall: not 100% certain but I think the Fleshcraft is an extra action button.

ToP: click the banners, no action button.

Mists: the roots and the seeds are clickable, no extra action button.

DoS: urns are clickable, no extra action button.

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