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World First Classic 3-man Onyxia Kill

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Onyxia has been bullied quite a bit recently, with 33 druids killing her, 33 hunters taking under a minute to down her, even naked raids taking her down, but it's time for another humiliation for one of WoW's oldest bosses.

Draven, Wuggreed and Starly from the guild Midnight took it upon themselves to undertake this feat a little earlier than Vanilla WoW, where the dragon was taken down by a triad only after Naxxramas (and its gear) came out. It's important to once more note that Classic is significantly different from Vanilla, and can't really be com pared directly. It took them 46 minutes to remove Onyxia's head as well as solid amount of consumables (around 260 gold for all three players combined), but it was well worth it! Congrats to them!

Here's the video description for more details:


After weeks of planing, preparations and test runs the characters Draven, Wuggreed and Starly (Server Gandling, Guild Midnight) was finally able to do the world first 3 man Onyxia. Recreating the 3 man Onyxia kill from Vanilla several months early without the Nax/Aq gear. Fight lasted 46 Min. (Also world record for slowest Onyxia?!)

Notable consumes used: (So not including the normal ones like moongose or Spirit of Zanza) Draven: Crystal Spire x 5 (from gives a thorns buff from un'goro crater) Greater stoneshield potion x5 Goblin sapper charges x4 (Special gear Glimmering Mithril Insignia x Thunderfury and FR gear)
Wuggreed: Major Mana Potion x 11 Demonic Rune x 8 (Special gear none)
Starly: Crystal Charge x6 (Like a budget sapper charge for none engineers. 400-500 aoe dmg) Major Mana Potion x4 And 5 "small ones", must be poor or something. (Special gear Arcane Infused Gem and FR gear)

Special thanks to: Poskulis Torch Jones/Niva Carly


And here's some additional info from the reddit thread:


On gold spent:

The paladin spent around 100g on runes and 40g on mayor mana potion.

I spent maby 100g on sappers/gffp/giants/armorpotions.

Hunter 20g mana potions. And then some mana oil and moonguse for many 20 more gold?

Not counting the ungoro crater crafts sence those can't reliabley buy the mats on ah.


Skullflame shield swapping on breath:

3 reasons.

  1. From time to time the FR aura bugs of so I lose 60 FR

  2. 315 is only a soft cap. You can have more but the return from 315-330 is less then 300-315.

  3. It looks cooler


On Sunder Armor refresh every 5 seconds:

Going to post this coment someone said on YouTube.

"Sunder can proc Thunderfury so it's not useless damage-wise, and he's already pretty rage starved throughout the fight and wants to be using BT on cooldown. HS is a huge rage-dump, so Sunder is going to be better threat generation when not dual wielding. He absolutely doesn't want to risk losing agro due to a wing buffet, so having max possible threat output is preferable. Also it really doesn't matter much, so it's a lot easier to just spam sunder and worry about positioning and stance dancing the fears when you're in a pressure situation like that."

I am in no way an optimal player, reason I got TF is bcs i try my best and raid lead. There are ofc ways I can still improve


Is 2 man possible?

Well, if u have 100 Mana potions and 100 hours on your hands. In theory yes


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