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Ex-Lich King Bolvar Remade in Soulcalibur 6

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We've seen plenty of cross-game iterations of WoW characters, places and items, from the recent Monster Hunter World Sulfuras, Shalla'tor and Ellemayne replicas, to the many Minecraft zone copies  (like this Atal'Dazar one) and more, but today we're getting our guide to the Shadowlands recreated in a very different game. Bolvar will certainly get a whole lot of training over in Soulcalibur 6, so perhaps when he meets Sylvanas again things might go differently? In any case, tdale369 did a really great job at getting the ex Lich King into the fighting game, taking a week to get it done.



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      Here's one last video before Shadowlands by Rextroy. It gives his Hunter a special buff that turns Rapid Fire into a machine gun, destroying people in less than a second.
      As mentioned before, the combo is built around Rapid Fire, and here is some background info to make it work. Rextroy's also taking a break from videos for a bit to focus on leveling.
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      Even though the pre-patch event is over now, we have yet another player that used the zombie plague to turn botters into zombies.
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      Update: We now know how they managed to pull it off! In the same manner as the Echo group was using before they called it quits (running Necrotic Wake the whole time) which they did because you can't queue for the dungeon after level 56. Monkeylool and company actually managed to circumvent that, as you actually CAN queue the Wake if at least one party member is below 56. And so, as Monkeylool's party member Rixers explained in the twitch chat afterwards, they 3-manned the dungeon and had a 6 character roster, so they could swap a lower level character in to gain access! Part of the way was also done by Monkeylool questing normally outside of the dungeon while the others cleared it, then as they got to the end he'd zone in and get the massive dungeon completion XP, and then go back to questing until the dungeon was cleared again. We're not quite 100% sure about this last part, so hopefully a video emerges soon!
      And it's done! The first Shadowlands level 60 has arrived! Monkeylool from the guild OTK on Al'akir EU has leveled his Monk to the new post-squish maximum in just over 3 hours from launch! We're not quite sure what the exact amount of time was since a video of the run hasn't been shared yet, but we do know the results!

      We also got word from the World second(s) level 60, as Bastu from the top guild Pieces and Polihanna got it done in 3 hours 20 minutes, via questing!
      You can also check out the entire questing journey of Polihanna and Bastu over here.
      Also if we look beyond Shadowlands, this is actually the third World First level 60, as we had Vanilla, Classic and now SL! In addition to that, the leveling speeds have been trending downwards in retail, as Legion took around 5 and a half hours, BfA under 5 and now the 3-ish hour mark!
      We hope to see a video of the World First run appear soon, as apparently Monkeylool hadn't set up a stream, but which ever method to get to 60 was used it was very effective!  You can still join Rixers and co on his stream right now, as the infinite Live to Win dancing continues!
    • By Starym
      Shadowlands is going hard with the zone cinematics, as we get three more today, in addition to the major Sylvanas one!  One from the end of the Maw introduction, one from the end of the Ardenweald stoyline and one from Revendreth!
      First we have a really awesome confrontation between Anduin and the Jailer:
      And in the second we find out Yesera's fate in the Shadowlands:
      The third focuses on everyone's favorite vampire and raid boss, Sire Denathrius:
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