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Allied Race Heritage Armor Sets Require Reaching Level 50 in Shadowlands

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Unlocking Allied Races in Shadowlands will be easier, but you will need to reach level 50 to receive the questline and unlock Heritage Armor sets.

Currently, on live servers, you must reach Level 110 to embark on a questline to unlock Heritage Armor sets.

The Shadowlands pre-patch comes with the leveling squish, and the achievements now require Level 50, which is technically Level 120 before the squish. Keep in mind that leveling will be a lot faster too, so the "10 level increase" shouldn't be noticeable.

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      The leveling route took 4 hours and 31 minutes.
      The Waking Shores
      Once you reach the area, complete the quests until you reach Wingrest Embassy. It is absolutely necessary to take no detours for rares, treasures, or side quests.  At Wingrest Embassy during the Sendrax RP, complete "From Such Great Heights" and "Give Peace a Chance" side quests. If any side quests haven't been mentioned, skip them. Follow the campaign questline until you reach Scalecracker Keep. Here, finish off Dragonhunter Igordan (Bonus Objective) while you complete the main objectives. You should also complete the bonus objective in the area provided it is not overcrowded there. As you complete the quest to heal draconids, complete the "Fighting Fire with... Water" side quest at the nearby cave since it is along the path. When you reach the Life-Binder Conservatory, keep an eye on "Firava the Rekindler" rare and kill it. Ignore the nearby side quests. Once you reach the Ruby Life Pools, talk to Lifecaller Tzadrak and set your Hearthstone there.  At this point, you will unlock Dragonriding. If you focus on reaching Level 70 the fastest, you shouldn't waste time collecting all glyphs and collect them only if they're directly along your path. After completing the quests, use your Hearthstone to return to the Ruby Life Pools. In the next area, you will find two rare mobs "Terillod the Devout" and "Klozicc the Ascended". When you reach Obsidian Bulwark, speak to the innkeeper to set your Hearthstone here. However, you must be in a guild and your Hearthstone must only be on a 15-minute cooldown. Otherwise, it won't be worth it. You should only fly on Wrathion's back for the "Taking the Walls" quest, as it's significantly faster compared to Dragonriding. After receiving the quest "Black Wagon Flight", use your Hearthstone to quickly return to the Obsidian Bulwark. While completing the quest, make sure to stay close to the cart at all times. When you complete a few more quests at the Ruby Life Pools, Alexstasza will direct you toward Ohn'ahran Plains. You will learn more about the routes for the other zones in the video guide linked below.
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      We're looking at how to get the Scrappy Worldsnail mount in Dragonflight.
      It will take approximately 2-4 hours to farm materials for the mount. The prerequisite is to complete one of the side-quests in the Waking Shores called "The Shadow of His Wings." Below, you will find a map with the exact coordinates for the starter quest.
      The intro quest can be found at 39.81 47.85.

      Once you complete four quests in this area, head to the Obsidian Citadel and pick between Wrathion or Sabellian, it does not matter which one you select.
      Now you must kill mobs near Obsidian Citadel and loot 30 Key Fragments along with 3 Key Framing to combine them into a Restored Obsidian Key. You must hand the first key to Wrathion, but any subsequent keys can be given to IIgys the Believer.
      Once you hand that in, you will receive a Twilight Cache. Inside the cache is Worldbreaker Membership which puts a buff on you and lasts for two days. The item does not have a guaranteed chance to drop, however. If you die, you will lose the Worldbreaker Membership debuff and must start from the beginning, so don't die!
      The debuff allows you to loot items from djardin NPCs called Magmotes; a currency used to purchase the mount. At this point, you can go to Premade Groups and search for Keys of Loyalty because there will be many people farming in the area.
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      Azure Span -- 6 Flags

      Thaldraszus -- 5 Flags

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      A few moments ago, Doubleagent has reached Level 66 in Dragonflight.
      Four levels to go for Doubleagent, who's on the way to reach Level 70 without leaving the Wandering Isle or choosing a faction.
      Placeholder for tweet 1599466001724485632
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