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One-Shotting People Naked and Mounted

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Rextroy is back with a brand new video where he is one-shotting players while naked and without dismounting, using Shield of Vengeance Shield of Vengeance and PvP scaling that boosts your damage the worse gear you have.



To do this, we are going to use Shield of Vengeance Shield of Vengeance, the Retribution Paladin absorb ability. The thing special about this is that it does damage to nearby enemies, depending on how much it absorbed.

The thing that is even more amazing, is that the absorb will remain even if you remove your gear. This will make the explosion at the end, benefit from PvP scaling.

PvP scaling is a system Blizzard added in Battle for Azeroth, that makes it so the less gear you have equipped. The larger your "pvp scaling benefit" will be. The benefit is a free damage boost that goes all the way to 238% without any equipment.

In my case, since I stacked a lot of Stamina and Versatility items, I was able to bring my Shield of Vengeance to about 450k. The total damage it does for me when I remove my gear, is about 1-1.3M depending on the enemies damage reduction.

I do need to prepare the shield beforehand, since it has to absorb damage to do a larger explosion. For this I used the Corruption system, namely Eye of Corruption Eye of Corruption. The spawn you get after you have 20 or more Corruption equipped. I needed to do precise calculations so that it would bring my absorb down as much as possible, without breaking it. I ended up using 122 corruption to do this.

To proc the Eye of Corruption Eye of Corruption, I used Turnip Punching Bag Turnip Punching Bag, random nearby mobs, aswell as Gently Squeezed Toad Gently Squeezed Toads (I just have to be in combat to proc it).

The final step I decided to take, was to make me able to detonate the shield at will. For this I decided to create some Goblin Sapper Charge Goblin Sapper Charge, an item Classic players will be really familiar with. This item damages yourself for about 70 damage.

That means I needed to make the remaining absorb on my Shield of Vengeance Shield of Vengeance be between 1-70, out of 450 000. I was able to finally (after changing around versatility A LOT) land at 20 absorb on it, thanks to an oldschool food buff that gives me 2 versatility and 2 stamina, if I used one that gave me 1 versa, or 3 versa. The shield would either explode or be too strong. The food buff I used was Goblin Deviled Clams Goblin Deviled Clams.

Hope you all enjoyed the video!

And finally, here's the video!

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