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Finding my personal stat weights.

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   I recently starting getting upgrades from heroics and I was wondering if I could get some help with reforging. I understand the best way to figure this out is to find my own stat weights using SimC. I am, however, having some trouble finding guides on how to do this. I have a basic understanding of SimC but am a little confused on how to translate the numbers to AMR. Also since I have not reforged yet does that screw with SimC at all? Honestly if anyone has a good guide they can link me that would be great as I dont expect anyone to type out how to use SimC in a reply. 


here is my current wow profile



note* since my heroic gear is new I have not reforged/enchanted or gemed them yet.


Any help is appreciated.

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Hey sorry for the late answer, had a crazy week and this thread slipped through unnoticed.


You seem to have reforged now, so I assume you found at least par of the answers you were looking for.


When you Sim yourself in simcraft, you can choose to generate your "Scale values". These are basically how strong each stat is compared to the others based on the simulation you did. On the table you get at the end of the simulation, these Scale Values represent the numbers you want to input in AMR.


Remember that these weights are only valid for the type of fight you simmed, and that they might change on another type of fight.


Finally, not being reforged can skew the data a bit, so it may be a good idea to sim yourself a second time after you've made all the changes listed, to make sure nothing changed too much.


I hope this helps, and sorry again for the delay, 



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