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Hunter Leveling Guide

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if you are talking BM hunter here, why does your "growl" link to a freaking druid?  Also, I just started a new BM hunter. Scared Beast is not till lvl 39, while Aspect of the turtle is much much earlier than lvl 39. I believe I got it around lvl 8 - I was having so much fun in the new 1-10 leveling area, I paid scant attention to when I got what.  Freezing trap (which doesn't work half the time) was at around lvl 3.  

Give me back the old BM hunter and it's spec and spells. Much better than this new old re-work.  As someone said in another post about Blizzard -  more lipstick on the pig ?  , taking old and saying it is new... I am waiting for fins to appear on cars again. ?

Not to say your leveling guide isn't interesting, but I can't believe this much has changed since you wrote it in Oct.

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