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Survival Hunter Shadowlands

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Guest moondance

Question - with the new talents - the suggestion is guerrilla tactics for better damage / aoe - but i was curios how does it now stack up if also the above talent  vipers venom is chosen then taken with hydras' bite ??   Is this value better or still guerrilla tactics,  if the extra sting procs added aoe benefit from  viper venom and hydra bite do they stack or work in unison so get the best of both talent 15 and 25 rank choices working for that skill ??

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Is the covenant suggestion really accurate?

It is stated that the Venthyrs are bad even in a single target scenario. Yet, a 2 minutes test on the dummy shows me the Flayed Shot throughput averaging at 20k where the Wild Spirits is only doing 5k ish.

Are you sure you included the Kill Shot proc damage into it?

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