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Survival Hunter PvE

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11 hours ago, Guest Brewwarden said:

How on earth am I supposed to sync the talent trees with the rotations if the rotation tells me to use spearhead but the talent tree does not even touch that lineage?

Heya. We've undergone a bit of a transition period as Spearhead builds were much more common before the new 4PC became ubiquitous, which caused the confusion. I've updated the guide today to default to the 4PC in the rotation.

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Guest Kasturas

You will use the 9.0.5 talent setup if you have the S1 tier set. If you have the new tier set then you use the new talent setup. They recommend that you should replace your old 4 -piece when you have all 4 of the new set. The old setup used spearhead for ST and Coordinated Assault for AoE.

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