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Warrior DPS Comparison Help Please

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Hey guys


This is my first post on these forums but have read them for a while. There a lot of you that really know your stuff and I am hoping you could help me with an analysis and comparrison between my character- Herecles and my raid mate Rekt. Both Fury Warriors.


Even though he is always slightly ahead of me in gear, he always manages to do a good 20% higher DPS than me.


See the wow logs analysis file for last nights raid: (Blackfuse)


Me (Herecles)








On Blackfuse for example, I can see I missed a few bloodthirsts but seemed to miss a lot more raging blows than him for some reason.


This still shouldn't equate to the vast difference in DPS:


Me (Herecles) DPS - 283,605

Rekt DPS - 351,964.


He is of course an exceptionally good player and I have the utmost respect for him but I am hoping you can analyse the other bosses and the rest of the raid file from last night and hopefully give me some tips or at least explain why he out DPS's me so often as the reasons elude me!


it would be nice to be able to close that gap and hopefully maybe pip him on a few more bosses! :)


Here is my armory link as well:




Kind regards





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Hi mkh02


I´ll try to give you help until one of the better ones got time.


As you said, your raid mate got better gear and here I see one thing that improvements of your playstyle can´t even out: You got 2 nhc weapons while he has 2 hc weapons. Besides the plus on stats like str, crit and haste(meh), weapon-dps is the most important stat in terms of dps. Every point of (main)weapon-dps is worth around 2 points of crit.


In terms of your playstyle(in comparison to Rekt):

Work on your Enrage Uptime

Use your Charges of Raging Blow inside a CS or before they expire(Rekt used every single one, you lost 6)

Use Berserker Rage more often

Use Prepot and Pot for high damage phase(mostly execute phase)

and while it won´t help with your personal dps, use Shattering Throw, but plan ahead not to waste it while it is already up

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Hello mkh02,


Without even looking at Rekt's logs, I can see a couple places where you could improve. check0790 pointed most of these out.


Using BT on cooldown should be, most of the time, the highest priority in your rotation. However, you only used 46 BTs out of 63 possible uses, which definitely hurts your enrage uptime and the number of RB charges you generated.


As check said, remember to use your RB charges. Inside CS, dump all your RB Outside, use RB the moment you get the 2nd stack, or right after a BT if you only have 1 charge and it will expire before you can cast the next BT.


You cast the same amount of Stormbolts and CS, which is nice, however you did miss 1 CS use, which is a big DPS loss by itself.


All those small mistakes, combined with Rekt's better weapons, can explain the difference in DPS between you 2.


Hope this helps, 



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Thank you for your replies Check and Ragebarr.


I do see the under use of bloodthirst as a problem you mention to other forum posters and i didn't think I was as guilty of it as that! Thank you for pointing it out!


Whilst I know it is a main part of the rotation I am starting to realise how much more important it it.


I think when I started learning the Fury rotation 2 months ago (always been arms) I noted on training dummies that when I hit bloodthirst that my DPS took an immediate hit whereas maintaining raging blow and heroic strike kept it up.


I think this early mis understanding of the importance it plays in maintaining enrage uptime subconsicously made me shy away from it and only hit it right before a CS to gain a ragin blow proc.


You mention that the weapons make a difference...can it really be that much of a difference?


I will aim to increase my use of bloodthirst and this will result in more ragin blow procs which I will aim to utilise all of.


Am I correct in assuming that if I use all bloodthirsts, more berserker rages and utilise all of the ragin blow procs they generate that my dps will improve by a measurable margin?


Kind regards





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Hi again mkh02,


Yes, More consequent use of BT will heighten your Enrage uptime, give you more rage to spend on HS during CS and more procs of RB.

And don´t forget the pot and prepot. For Siegecrafter I would suggest one as a prepot and the second one for the execute phase, probably best in combination with your dps cd´s. Concentrate on your playstyle until you got better gear(esp. weapons). When it drops, you will be able to use it better.


To get you a better understanding how important weapons and gear is:

Though it has nothing to do with real fights, where you´re not able to spend every Global correctly due to lag/avoid shit/other things, I put you and Rekt both into Simulationcraft for a Patchwerk Fight(Length 300sec/diff 20% to get close to your 4:45)

You operate at a good 85% of your theoretical maximum while Rekt got 95% of his. With your gear, even at 95% of this maximum, you would be over 30k short compared to Rekt.

I simmed you again, this time with 2x Greatsword(at 574, giving you +2 on your avg iLvl), you two differ for only 2%.


TL;DR: You have to improve both your gear and your playstyle for your dps to keep up with your expectations. Since you can only pray for loot, start with improving your playstyle, given the tips by rage and me.

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Thank you once again for the reply mate!


I really appreciate you being so helpful and exacting!


Really felt like there was little I could change but now I can see a clear direction whereby I can start to really compete.


I will work on maximising the enrage time and the use of RB's and like you said and when the 2 Heroic Swords drop it will make a great DPS increase!


Your simulation has really provided some superb data!


Whilst all theoretical it is great to see how higher level items can translate to such large increases in DPS!


He is a dam good player but its great having someone to chase all the time! Keeps me improving!

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