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Vision of Perfection Nerfed for Mages

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The Vision of Perfection Azerite Essence has been nerfed for Mages a short while ago. This change mostly affects Frost mages, as our own Made guide writer Dutchmagoz explains:


One large reason Frost has been doing so well in pre-patch is due to the changes to Rune of Power Rune of Power, which now drops automatically when you cast Icy Veins Icy Veins. This combined with the pre-nerf Vision of Perfection Vision of Perfection Essence, which can proc Icy Veins, yields to very high Rune of Power uptime. This also synergies very well with Thermal Void Thermal Void, as Thermal Void would also extend the Icy Veins procced via Vision of Perfection.

Today this interaction with Vision of Perfection and Rune of Power has been nerfed, as the Essence no longer drops the Rune. The synergy between Thermal Void and Vision still remains, so Vision still has its perks, but this will cause a very significant drop-off in DPS for Frost. Since Vision was much better than any other major Essence option, this will probably have a big impact on Frost's DPS in pre-patch, most likely dropping it to Fire's level or lower. The exact impact of this nerf will become more apparent over the next reset.

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They should focus on fixing stuff in SL-Beta, rly no one cares about class balance in pre patch

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