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Sprite Darter's Armor Set Meme Compilation

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Blizzard yesterday made the Sprite Darter's Armor Set available to everyone who subs to WoW for 6 months, so we are looking at the memes that shortly after surfaced on r/wow.

First, players noticed just how much effort Blizzard put into the set. The head armor has holes to avoid clipping.

a cookie to the person who thought of this from r/wow

The new set is really fitting for Death Knights that join the Night Fae Covenant in Shadowlands.

This is getting out of hand... from r/wow

Boy that escalated quickly...

How It Started. How It's Going from r/wow

Some of the memes even portray Bobby Kotick, the CEO of Activision Blizzard himself as Gallywix.

Blizzard when they release yet another thing to the cash shop from r/wow
Hey kids! Wanna buy some transmogs? from r/wow
Let's help Blizz fund Shadowlands. from r/wow

Here's a merge of the good old man who yells at cloud and the new set.

Me an hour ago from r/wow

The final meme comes right in time for Halloween.

Halloween time, ya'll from r/wow
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i dont understand y players r making it the devil, like sure we dont like to see another cash grab option for an already outrageous amount of money we invest just to play the main game, but its for players who are already subscribed year round while setting *cough* "free" rewards for being on that year round method, i just certainly hope individuals arent paying just to have it, which is were the obvious and known problems occur with such a thing

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