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unlocking flying early in Azeroth

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Is there or was there a quest or achievement or something that basically unlocks flying earlier than lvl 30 (using the new 9.0 standard)?  I saw a lvl 28 flying in Panda Land the other day and a very dim light bulb went off over my head, that there was something, can't remember what, that allowed flying earlier.  Was it for having 1000 mounts?, a pvp quest, or ????  Any help will be appreciated as I cannot find this on any site.  Thank you and stay safe.

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First, I want to say, "Thanks" to the members of Icy-Veins for taking the time to read this or think of what could be the answer.  Very much appreciated.   Second, I just logged onto a toon that is now a squished level 26 (was 66 and had flying), who even now still has flying.  Not sure if Blizz in their little heart has allowed those of us who worked hard to get to those levels for flying or if it is a bug in their programming.  I am leaning towards WOW being buggy.

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