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Vuhdo raid frames setup

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I could really use some help guys... I've been googling and searching for my answer for 4 days straight without success, going mad tbh. I am trying to recreate Vuhdo profile I used to have few years ago that was real nice but I cannot figure it out anymore.

Here's the short rundown of what it had:
- During Fight raid frame would have feint class colour with around 50% opacity
- on the frame only the name would be shown if nothing was going on
- if the target was hit the hp loss number would show up
- with the hp loss the feint colour would become bright
- if the target was out of range and with less than 99% hp it would still be feint class colour

now, here's what i've managed to do:
I've gotten the hp loss part, i've gotten only name shown until hit part, but what has got me going so long is the transition from the feint class colour frame to bright class colour frame part when below 99% and in range in all my scenarios what i end up having is a black-ish low opacity color of the hp and on hp loss i would get class color on the background of the frame, i've tried swapping bouquets on the background indicators and hp without success, i've tried going with the opacity only part it didn't work. I would greatly appreciate if someone knows some answers as i've gone mad trying to figure this out

(Attaching pictures of what it used to look like for reference)



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