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Here is my exp as frost dk in arena battles (2v2) (bettlegrouds are specific by their types so i dont focus them for now). Without caliming to be an absolute and only guide (if there is such gude at all) i figured out that:


- frost dk is better to stay in blood presence (still significant damage can be done and survive the incoming damage. Kind of "damage- tank" if you want) 

- asphyxiate is much better than chillblains (but only for arena, i wouldnt say its true for battlegrounds)

- rest of talents : unholy blight, lichborn, conversion, runic empowerment, , remorseless winter


Battles i ve never won (or dont remember to): vs healer monk( teleports, disable, and roll all the time); vs 2 mages total crowd control (polymorph, frost nova x2); vs 2 hunters (vs hunter s very hard for melee in first place)


Prime thing s always focus the healer and cc the other member. if there s no healer focus enemy crowd controler (lock, mage, hunter), or existing monk (still can heal a lot even if not a healer).


Thats it for now but i m sure you ll have more to add :)

Thank you and wish you luck.


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