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I'm terrible at holy in SL

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I cannot play holy at all. I'm always the lowest hps healer in my raid and have a 200 ilevel. I know that my holy concentration stacks drop often and that's part of it. And I know I struggle to cast mending on cooldown. I just feel like-everyone is getting the heals before I do. The other holy priest in our guild is great-he has a 98% parse. Can anyone help me please?

Thank you

The amazing priest in our guild


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Does the other amazing priest in your guild play holy in raids or is he/she discipline in raids as well? (He logged off as disc on wowarmory).

Do you use the Harmonious Apparatus legendary in raid or do you use Flash concentration?

Lastly have you tried using a weakaura to help with casting mending on cooldown? Maybe try: https://wago.io/B1NpiossG

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Based on the log for Hungering Destroyer: 

1. Your 3rd more used spell was PoH, and right now its heals are negligible. On top of that, 49% of the healing it did was overhealing, so that's not doing you any good.  For right now, pretend PoH doesn't exist. You cast it 16 times, that's 16 times you could have cast a heal or, onto the next point: 

2. You only cast Holy Word Serenity twice D: a good habit to get into is to basically cast your HWs on cooldown. Looking at the other priest, it looks like that's what they did for both serenity and sanctify (they cast serenity 9 times, sanctify 4 times in the space of an almost 5min fight). 

3. I agree with you on PoM and flash concentration uptime. Still, you had it up about 60% of the fight, and you only cast Heal 7 times vs the other priest's 46 times. That's some heavy, cheap heals you're missing out on. 

All of these are pretty easy adjustments, you could be much worse off my friend. Maybe get yourself a good weakaura (if you don't already have one) to track flash concentration. And like the other reply mentioned, one for PoM. Take a look through the top downloads for priests on Wago.io. You've got this!

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