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WW-should I change covenant-help with parses

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I decided to change my main to WW monk for SL and thus far, have done pretty poorly with raiding. I have done some light research on rotations and talents/stats/legendries. I have tried addons to improve my rotation usage but seem to do worse with such. I try to follow MaxDPS, and rotation suggestions but still find myself low on energy and struggling to use abilities in longer fights. Should I save big CD's for BL? Should I work them into my rotation? I'm very lost; please excuse my ignorance. I'm also not sure if it is completely my rotation or if there are other factors at play such as:

My covenant I picked as Venthyr based mainly on information I didn't realize was outdated at SL launch/storyline. I have seriously considered changing to one of the other covenants but am unsure which I should pick/if I should change at this point due to being behind renown. I was reading the pros/cons each and thought Nightfae would be best? because I do both mythics and raid? But I have also heard people having issues with faeline stomp pulling extra mobs in M+ and causing wipes and that makes me nervous. 

I really want to do better with this class so I don't end up getting benched when we get to higher level content. 

Thank you very much for any advice/help. I've recently returned to the game after being gone for 7 years and it is a very different place. 

Raid logs:


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I have pasted your logs in to a handy tool called WoWAnalyzer. most of the stuff below came out as an result.

  • You seem to have a pretty high amount of Chi wasted. This means you either cast chi generators while at full Chi, or atleast getting over your Chi cap. i.e. Casting [Fist of the white tiger] while as 3 or more chi. 
  • You seem to leave a lot of your main rotation(Rising Sun Kick, Fist of Fury, WHirling Dragon Punch) off CD while not using it. WHich in return lowers your activity per minute and thus dps.
  • You seem to Stop Fist of Fury quite often before letting it do its full damage. Which in exchange waste Chi and thus dps.
  • You don't use all the free Blackout Kick procs.
  • You forget or just dont use you chi generator enough. Expel harm of for almost 60% off your fight off cooldown and fist of the white tiger about 40%.

For a more details: https://wowanalyzer.com/report/kytrFDYgA7vnTBbm/13-Heroic+Hungering+Destroyer+-+Kill+(5:16)/Ketârra/standard/overview


As for the Covenant i would recommand Kyrian. Although this doesn't generate as much dps in AoE situations, its by far the best for single target bosses.

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Adding the covenant recommandation

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