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Discussion for Bash-sader for s22

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I love the bash-sader, and this season has me very excited. I generally go with the guides here, but in this case I ventured off the beaten path and am trying something that only can happen this season. the playstyle still follows the guide here, just the following changes:

Cube: Flail of the Ascended, Nemesis Bracers/Leoric's Crown, Ring of Royal Grandeur, Piro Marella

Main Hand: Flail of the Ascended  (Str, high dmg, %dmg, CDR add socket)

Off Hand: Shield ofthe Steed (Str, Crit, Bash%, CDR)


Personally I am running Endless walk as well due to a good primal necklace and running ORotZ as my other ring  This gives me 100%uptime on Iron Skin, Champion of Akarat, and Laws of Valor letting me ditch Long Arm of the Law in favor of Holy Cause for the free 10% dmg

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