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Help with Malkorok HM

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Hello, guys.

We are struggling now with Malkorok HM and tried both 2- and 3-heal the fight.


Could anybody help me please and explain why the Holy Pala HPS is so low? I don't see anything wrong in his spell usage, but I'm not a pro.





2-heal logs:



3-heal logs:


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There's a few things I would suggest to improve their healing:


First, with the 3 healer method, it is good that they are focusing on tank healing, however they need to keep their beacon on the tank with threat. There is no reason for the beacon of light to sit on the tank who is taking 0 damage until the next time the tank taunts. Glyph Beacon of Light and rotate it with whoevers tanking. That way, when the paladin is using single target heals to keep the tank alive, they will generate Holy Power for more healing. This brings me to point two:


In the 2 healing method, the paladin is entirely focused on single target healing. I understand how inconsistent the mitigation of a prot paladin can be, especially when saving CDs for Blood Rage, however the beacon should still swap to whoever is tanking. With the holy power they generate, the paladin can then use Eternal Flames to roll hots on people the shaman will have trouble healing. I recommend balancing the ranged a tad bit towards the shaman, with your more mechanically aware with the holy paladin, allowing for the skilled ranged to keep themselves alive, while the shaman can keep the rest easily afloat. The shaman should also cover melee while the holy paladin focuses on his small niche.


Next is their armory page: They have 21k spirit, but most paladins I see stop around 15k, 15.5k. Thats about the spirit level I use, and my gear is about 560 when I heal as my offspec. They need to be more efficient with spell choices, or drop that spirit for throughput. Next is their Divine Plea glyph. They're losing 5 straight seconds to use it, which I believe is a waste. Holy is my offspec so I could be wrong, but using that during Blood Rage and soaking orbs with a bubble could be more effective (as a shaman, you can do the healing the raid will need, Daz shouldn't need big heals during Blood Rage if (s)he is playing correctly)


Tank healing will always result in lower numbers, especially on malkorok due to overhealing. (Overhealing = absorbs on Malk, but only so much can turn into absorbs, and with an inconsistent main tank, its extremely difficult to manage at times)


Normally I would say that it's likely that Mirthe just needed to do less healing overall, or the targets werent taking as much damage (which they werent) but then I looked at each attempt.


I will give an analysis of your wipes (while 2 healing):

Wipe 1:

Kouniam dies first: took an orb before soaking an implosion - instant death.

Shilaeda dies second: while soaking orbs, ran into Blood Rage by accident

Mirthe dies third: Gets hit by arcing smash (bubble dropped from lack of healing). Now it is a definite wipe.


Wipe 2:

Epiphania dies first: Gets no healing for TEN seconds, dies trying to soak an implosion without shield (maybe couldve popped a CD? either way, no heals)

Silje dies second: took an orb, then soaked an implosion - instant death

Daz dies third: No healing for SIX as the tank. Dies to melee swings. (Daz's Eternal Flame is the only reason he didn't die sooner) Officially a wipe


Wipe 3:

Zelcandor dies first: Stands in Breath of Y'shaarj, suicides

Shilaedra dies second: Stands in Arcing Smash after hitting an orb.

Silje dies third: Ran into 3 straight orbs and killed self. Officially a wipe (2 dps down, no rezzes, then implosion due to lack of people kills the rest)


Wipe 4:

Mirthe dies first: didn't heal self, absorb shield dropped too low, stood in implosion without a decent CD (use divine protection!)

Epiphania and Zelcandor die second/third: Both hit by Breath of Y'shaarj. Insta-wipe


Wipe 5:

Mirthe dies first: stepped into an orb, went 4 seconds without a heal then stood in Arcing Smash

Epiphania dies second: soaked an implosion while another went off, instant death

Zelcandor dies third: After implosion that killed epi, took 3 orbs and died (probably was wiping it)


Wipe 6:

Mirthe dies first: Breath of Y'shaarj  Isnt rezzed. Tanks quickly die, wiped.


Wipe 7:

Silje dies first: Breath of Y'shaarj. 

Daz dies second: Implosion goes off, taking away Daz's shield, meleed to death soon after. Tank down with no rez, wipe.


Wipe 8:

Epiphania dies first: goes without heals for TEN seconds, dies soaking an implosion

Mirthe/Shilaedra die second/third: Implosion goes off while soaking another, instant death.


Wipe 9:

Tinarion dies first: Deterrence wears off and takes 4 orbs, instanty dies. Deterrence was used to survive a lack of heals, but orb intake was also bad.

Tinarion dies second: goes FIFTEEN seconds without heals, dies trying to soak an implosion

Shilaedra dies third: takes an orb shortly before soaking an implosion


Wipe 10:

Mirthe dies first: Takes an orb shortly before soakin an implosion

Epiphania dies second: Soaks an implosion while another goes off

Daz dies third: After implosion goes off, Daz calls it quits with suicide dagger.


Wipe 11:

Pandacho dies first: Breath of Y'shaarj

Tinarion dies second: Doesn't get a direct heal for longer than the chart can track (over 25 seconds).

Blood Rage eats raid for wipetimes


Wipe 12:

Silje dies first: Takes an orb, and goes 4 seconds without a heal until soaking an implosion (bad orb intake)

Implosion wipes raid


Wipe 13:

Daz dies first: No healing while tanking, dies to melees

Daz dies second: seemingly unprepared to take a Blood Rage 8 seconds after his last death. Understandably, but reactions could be better unless CDs werent available.


Wipe 14:

Mirthe dies first: doesnt heal self, soaks implosion without a shield. USE CDs.

Rinarion dies second: without Mirthe, gets no heals and dies soaking an implosion.

Zelcandon dies third: Breath of Y'shaarj


Wipe 15:

Newwy dies first: Breath of Y'shaarj (I hate making my first big mistake on the last attempt. poor soul... /pat)

Tinarion dies second: No heals as far as the chart reads, dies soaking implosion

Pandacho dies third: Soaks an implosion then hits an orb



Summary of Wipes:

Too many deaths to Breath of Y'shaarg, and a small few to Arcing Smash. Orbs also get a few kills. Need much better awareness as a raid to avoid the mechanics that you've been progressing on for weeks. It seems like you're doing everything to keep you raid alive from its mistakes, and its forcing too much healing on unnecessary people, leaving others unhealed and killed. Then, since it's 10man, when 1 domino falls, it all crumbles from implosions.


There seems to be a large awareness problem with Mirthe mechanically and targetted healing-wise. It looked like their assignment was Daz, both hunters, and themselves, but they seemed to let one of them die with no heals every second fight.

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Malk is a personal awareness check on each player - mistakes made by players have to be compensated by healers in this fight due to the nature of the fight.  Healers must be able to track absorption shields.  This fight can be a nightmare for healers in groups that lack discipline and this fight can be a dream come true to healers in groups who are able to not make mistakes. 


That said, Malkorok can be the hard boss for any group no matter how far they are.  Even after it's killed, many players still succumb to the mechanics either by being lazy, not respecting the content, or assuming the healer will pick them back up. 


Throw more attempts, but be sure to call out personal mistakes EVERY TIME they happen.  Put personal responsibility on mistakes and people will tend to not like it - this reinforces the behavior of not wanting to make a mistake.

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Zagam is right.  This fight is just very mechanically challenging.  People need to pay attention and do the mechanics correctly. 


As for healing, this fight is also not a good indicator by looking at numbers.  Discs and Paladins, are naturally lower on this fight because of the mechanic and how you can "cheese" the numbers. A healer can spam all their healing spells and cover the raid and still output barely any overhealing becasue healing past the absorb limit isn't counted in the logs.


Next, Fouton is correct in assessing the armory.  He needs to drop the spirit and gem much more mastery.  Learn to manage mana, especially with resto shamans and priests in the raid, he should have more than enough mana.


Other than that, seems Fouton got the brunt of it.

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Everyone has given great advice. I do have a couple keys I'd like to mention to add to what has already been said.


It appears you are using the Holy Prism talent and Stay of Execution on different pulls. I find Holy Prism as the superior talent.. Make sure you actually use it though. Just focus the boss and use it on CD, it should hit at least your melee teammates.


In a 25 man setting, we found that it was best to assign groups for the healers. We arranged the groups according to where they were standing, that way the group the healer had to focus was always in range. As a Holy Paladin, I would use a lot of single target heals and the occasional Holy Radiance on the tank to splash heal the melee. Try to always focus more on the Malkorak bubble (red/yellow/green) and focus heal that target respectfully. 


At the start of progression, make sure that someone is always soaking, even if there are multiple people doing it. Once you become more comfortable you can start to have only 1 person soak (minimizing the amount of damage the healers have to heal). 


You'll find yourself having a nice healing rotation too, I prefer staggering my CD's to minimze overheals. Try opening up with Holy Avenger so everyone can have a 3 charge EF. On this fight make sure as minimum the current tank has a 3 charge EF and everyone else has 1 EF (if you start assigning groups, you may be able to put an extra charge EF on them). Then start using your CD's accordingly. Use your shortest CD early, that way you can get more use out of it.


But like everyone has already mentioned, this fight requires individual responsibility. Remind your raiders to first worry about the mechanics of the fight before worrying about their numbers. Once you hit the enrage, that's when you can start focusing on min/maxing your dps/hps.


Good luck. This fight is definitely not a walk in the park!

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