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Frost preformance anxiety

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I have recently been brought into our normal mode raid team and having the gear i do i dont know wether i am being overly ambitious going for the 14242 haste point or if i should be going for the 9522 + mastery to be pulling the most damage i can out of what i have.


Armory: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/malganis/Oghauhet/simple


Malk wol(this was before i got his trinket): http://www.worldoflogs.com/reports/d3d28rqrwcn39bh4/details/5/?s=1619&e=1868


I do realize that my uptimes and reactions wern't at the top of their game on this and are going to be a major role in improving my overall dmg output (only a pathetic 78% uptime on lb, and several missed procs i should have used)


I know it may be asking a lot to compare so many things but any input i can get is appreciated, and i suppose what i am trying to get help on is this; should i stay at trying to keep the 14242 haste point and work on uptimes, or switch to 9522 haste put more into mastery(until better gear)  and also work on my uptimes?

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I'd stick to 14242, you're not giving up that much to get there.


But honestly it doesn't matter. Switching your gear around maybe will account for 3-5% dps difference.


Your Living Bomb uptime is costing you 15-20%, your 80% uptime on invoker's energy is costing you another 15% or so. Those are significant, gear isn't. You could easily add another 50k to your DPS if you fix your uptimes/playstyle.

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