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Awesome Looking Realistic WoW Race and NPC Renders

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With the recently talked about Unreal Engine and similar realistic WoW makeovers, a topic that gets brought up a lot is the fact that none of those projects feature characters. Well, today we have artist Shirdi Briceño and their work on WoW races and characters in a more realistic render, and there's some amazing stuff to be seen!

First off we have these troll, dranei, ogre and goblin takes, with the goblin particularly standing out:

But there's also specific lore characters as well, in more colorful editions, starting with Draka:


A post shared by Shirdi Briceño (@mfl_sb)

Then there's Night Warrior Tyrande:


A post shared by Shirdi Briceño (@mfl_sb)

And another cool race one, with this handsome ogron:


A post shared by Shirdi Briceño (@mfl_sb)

You can check out a lot more of Shirdi Briceño's work over on their Artstation and especially Instagram!

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These are amazing, the details are quite impressive, such as the texture of the skin on the Handsome Ogron.

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