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Hi Guys,


Currently i got 12/14 Heroics and i think i have a real big problem with my DPS. It   doesn´t depend on my gear it´s just because there´s something wrong with my playstyle and i´m not able to interpret my logs right. I hope i can get some help!



Logs ( Boss 1-11) : http://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/yYCAZhxpWHXL369w


Armory: http://eu.battle.net/wow/de/character/frostwolf/Ziggz/simple


Currently i´m playing arcane offspecc ( that´s why i have so much mastery) but in the logs above i was playing frost with the 54% hastecap!)


Thank you very much!

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I am less experienced/less geared than you, so take my interpretations as you will...


Strictly looking at your Malkorok kill.

1. Bomb uptime of 92% is pretty good, could be just a tad higher

2. Invoker's is at 87.66%, again pretty good

3. Alter Time and Icy Veins were both used 1 time on a 4:24 kill, could have been used twice

4. 33 Brain Freeze Procs, 27 FFB casts

5. I am not sure if Ice Barrier or Temporal Shield is preferred for Malk

6. Wouldn't Frost Armor show as a buff?  I am not seeing it there.  Maybe it doesn't get captured by the logs?

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Hello mate
I will also only look at your Malkorok kill because it's the one name not in German :P 
Whatever the guy above said except that Invokers energy should be at 96%+

Now abit more in depth
your Alter Time was not that greatly timed. From what I am seeing your Alter Time reset a Meta Gem proc.
You didn't use a second Jade Serpent Either.
Generally on the pull you want to use Alter Time to Extend KTT, PBoI, Potion, Icy Veins, and 2 FoF + Brainfreeze.
Now let's check your snapshotting.
From what I have seen you didn't snapshot at the end of each of your Tempus Rifts (Legendary Meta proc).
Also if I am correct you overwrote a Meta + KTT proc for a PBoI proc. Generally follow this rule
Only resnapshot a DoT if there are under 6 seconds remaining or if it will do over 35% more damage (Afflidots is the best way to view that).
Generally Snapshotting is a tricky business but Improving on that and the usage of Alter Time could add alot on your DPS. 

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Thank you very much for your help! Didn´t know that my invokers uptime is that bad!


So i have to improve my snapshotting and my uptimes first!


I would have another question - for the DPS-check at Garrosh HC, which build is preferred? Haste,Mixture or Mastery?






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To be honest there it comes all to personal Prefference.
I know for Instance Kver prefered a Haste to cap > Crit > Haste > Mastery Build, however I prefer th full haste build instead.
If you really struggle with the adds on the temple for garrosh, you can do two things.
If you go Haste to cap > Mastery > Haste > Crit make sure you have prepared 5 Icicles before you go in (and preferably one FoF charge) and use Icelance to dump all your mastery into one add.
I do not know what Kver did, I would wait for him to reply.

Edit: You can try (I am not so sure if it will work out long term but there are several reasons why it could), use Frost Bomb instead of Living Bomb and go full Haste/Crit build. I have not ever tried this during progress, so it might not work out at all. But this can a) boost the DPS check during the add phase as none needs to AoE and b) do very high damage on adds in the temple.

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Okay thank you i will try this different strategies- quite sure garrosh won´t get killed in the next two raids so i have time to get the best out of my mage!

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