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Basic Warrior Deck Improvement Suggestions

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So I'm rather new to hearthstone, level 28 warrior, haven't hit level 10 on any other classes yet, and I'm using the suggested basic warrior deck with some pretty swell success. I'm curious though, the low budget deck takes 1500ish dust, which still seems like a fair ways away for someone who just started playing in the last couple of days.


Can anyone suggest what cards I should be going for first, and namely what cards I should be implementing in place of what I have with the basic set up? Or am I better off using the textbook basic deck until I have enough dust to craft myself the entire low budget warrior build deck?


Any other general hearthstone/warrior deck tips greatly appreciated, still running into things on a game to game basis that make me feel like i'm playing a completely different game then some of my opponents


Much thanks, Jamesegnacxc-Uther, long time warrior, first time warrior decker 

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Hi James, i am also new to the game, i am playing for a week or so. But being catched i finished lots of quests (beat all ai including expert, 100 wins, unlocking basics as well as other standard and daily quests), and grinded as much as i can everyday (60-70 gold average from 18-21 wins in 50-60 games maybe also bought 3-4 arena entrances when i am bored because it is harder but more fun) i tired my chances a few times on arena without much success (best was 3 win) and bought a few packs as well.


Here the advice:

I got some good cards from packs and had some dust from duplicates ( always disencahnted gold ones for more dust) had like 400 dust which is not nearly close to build any deck, so i check my existing cards and searched the low budget decks which has my only legendary card (because i wanted to include it) I found a suitable one which i have most of the common cards and half of the rares, and crafted most of them but my dust wasnt enough for an epic and 2 rares in that deck so i discluded them, and asked myself what they are do, and switched them with cards i already have which are slightly worse or different but similar working. I am so satisfied with my deck (It is worse or better than the orginal i dont know) i even didnt crafted the other cards when i have dust.


For example in a rogue deck there is epic card preperation which jobs is draw a card and help another spell casted to draw another when you have gadgetzan auctioner on the board. I had only one of that and needed 2 but i included novice engineer instead. It has two drawbacks and two plusses, first i costs mana and secondly it doesnt help to cast another spell free of mana as drawbacks so it slow you a bit down. But it also have some advantages when you use this card you have 1 1 minion on boards as well (which is a little) and you can use it to draw a card when you didnt draw auctioneer yet (or didnt have 5 mana to use it yet) So in general it is less efficient deck than the original but a bit more bad luck proof at the start (%3 or sth less chance you dont have the cards you want + 1 1 minion with deck costs 5 additional mana (which means you have to survive one morn turn on the average))


Even that pro decks are not absolute but you should follow them in general and you should replace the cards you cant have with only similar cards (cards might not look similar but should do the same work)

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